4 Project Management Tips Straight From Our Customers

Learning from others can help you get to where you want to go. I know this is true for our team.

Imagine trying to drive to a new destination without a GPS system today. You just might get lost. Now, you can thank others for figuring out the shortest and/or easiest route to get where you want to go (so you don’t have to pull out the old paper map).
By learning from others lessons, you can save loads of time.

During this time of year, we often reflect on what we have learned. And at Teambox, we have learned a great deal from our customers. So, we would like to thank our users who help us and you take online collaboration and project management to new heights.

Check out these lessons. Here’s to a productive 2014!

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Project Management Across Geographic Boundaries– The Pyrrhic Studios Story

Last month, we interviewed the team at Pyrrhic Studios on how they are utilizing our project management software in an industry (mobile app development) with a lot of moving pieces.

Pyrrhic Studios is a startup video game developer focused on mobile apps. Their development team is based out of three different countries, with the closest team members living over 1000 miles from each other. Their biggest challenge – managing their virtual team who are spread across the globe.

Check out their story.

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Mastering Project Management – The Essential Print Services Story

USER SPOTLIGHT: We all learn from others stories. And this story is about how you can manage your projects in boom times. Teambox user – Essential Print Services – shares how they improved collaboration and project management during their recent growth and expansion.

Most companies would probably envy the position that Essential Print Services found themselves in. The UK company, which was founded in April 2011 by Yvonne Gorman, was having a banner year. With over 14 years of experience in the print industry, Yvonne was able to turn the hassle of print buying into a range of cost effective, expertly executed, print solutions for hundreds of companies throughout the UK.

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7 Top Project Management Books and Resources

It’s Monday morning, and as you read through the emails, you discover you’ve been tasked with managing a project. Feel like a deer in the headlights? No? Been there and done that, have you?

No worries, either way we’ve got some useful resources that can help you whether it’s your first time out or you just need to knock down the cobwebs and shake off the dust.

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