Meet Timeline View

Redbooth's beautiful Gantt charts help teams master the art of project planning in a single click

Powerful project planning -  » Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts Help You Stay on Track

Dynamic project planning

Plan an entire marketing campaign or a comprehensive client engagement and see it all at once. Fine-tuning is easy with drag-and-drop. Planning gives you power right from the start.

Visualize your work -  » Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts Help You Stay on Track

Visualize your work

See how much easier it is to keep projects on track when you can visualize your work from start to finish. See an entire project at a glance or zoom in for a closer look.

Simple Gantt chart software -  » Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts Help You Stay on Track

Simple Gantt chart software

Get the Gantt charts you need to keep your team organized — without the extra complications that slow other teams down. It’s easy to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Monitor your progress -  » Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts Help You Stay on Track

Monitor your progress

Falling behind? Take a look at your project Gantt chart and find out why. Catch bottlenecks early and correct them. Keep your project on time and on track!

Gantt charts make reporting easy -  » Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts Help You Stay on Track

Multiple projects? No problem

With the Timeline Overview report, you can manage multiple workspaces from the same timeline. This makes it easy to understand how different project plans fit together.

See Timeline View in action

What’s wrong with traditional to-do lists? Not a thing — unless, of course, you’re working on a big project with multiple team members. If you’re ready to take your project management to the next level, you’re in the right place. See what Redbooth’s Gantt charts can do for you!

Find Out What You Can Do With Redbooth’s Timeline View

Duration -  » Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts Help You Stay on Track

Set task duration

Deadlines are important — but so is duration. Make it clear how long things should take.

Dependencies -  » Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts Help You Stay on Track

Create dependencies

Can’t start the design phase until management approves the concept? Not a problem.

Populate -  » Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts Help You Stay on Track

Populate it instantly

After you add your tasks to Redbooth, just click on Timeline — and see it all appear.

Changes -  » Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts Help You Stay on Track

Make changes anywhere

Updates you make in Timeline View are automatically reflected in your tasks, and vice versa.

Indicators -  » Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts Help You Stay on Track

Get overdue indicators

Immediately see any tasks that are overdue and save them from falling through the cracks.

Historical -  » Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts Help You Stay on Track

Have a historical record

Choose to view completed tasks for a comprehensive view of what you’ve accomplished.

The Gantt Chart: A Team Leader's Secret Weapon

We bet your team will go from asking "What is a Gantt chart?" to "How did we ever live without these?" With Redbooth's Gantt charts, everyone is on the same page. Everyone is seeing the same thing. There may be no single more powerful way to drive unity and accountability.

  • Everyone at our company has been really excited about using Redbooth’s new Timeline View to create a streamlined visual representation of our work. Timeline View gives us all an easy way to go to one spot and see the status of a project — much easier than reviewing a sheet with a list of dates on it. I use it for tracking new product development from the idea phase all the way to the post-launch review. Seeing how one task is going to impact another gives me a much better picture of the overall process.

    Pete Soyer

    Senior R&D Manager, Happy Family Brands

  • Using Redbooth is a no-brainer if you need structure and accountability, not only for yourself but for all of your staff and colleagues. We will most certainly continue to use it as we grow and expand TNF here in Australia and internationally…for us, it’s like eating toast with Vegemite every morning. It’s just now an essential part of our day!

    Michael Sheedy

    Director and Owner, Tails Never Fails and TNF CRICKET

  • It’s like Redbooth is our project manager. As an agency we've got many more repeat clients now, so they're obviously a lot happier. We went from a third repeat business to over 80% repeat business.

    Madelyn Postman

    Grain Creative

Building Gantt: Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes with the Redbooth team and follow along as they build Redbooth’s new Gantt chart software, from the earliest stages of interviewing users to sketching out designs to prototyping, coding, and polishing. Hear directly from the developers, the designer, and the project lead about what it’s been like to contribute to turning this exciting Gantt capability into reality.

 Building Gantt: Behind the Scenes -  » Easy-to-Use Gantt Charts Help You Stay on Track

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