Introducing Timeline Overview

Manage multiple projects in a single timeline

Redbooth Timeline Overview

Having a simple, intuitive way to visualize progress can help any project succeed. Timeline View by Redbooth helps teams do exactly that. In just seconds, teams can see at-a-glance the status of different tasks and take action so that things stay on track.

If you’re collaborating on more than one project however, you’ll quickly struggle to understand how different project plans fit together. You’re either spending a lot of time jumping back-and-forth between different workspace timelines or exporting projects to a spreadsheet just to get a clearer picture of what’s happening.

That all ends today. We’re excited to announce the release of Timeline Overview, a powerful, flexible report for managing multiple workspaces from a single timeline.

Combine timelines from multiple workspaces

If you’ve ever used Timeline View for a workspace, then Timeline Overview is going to feel immediately familiar to you. To get started, head to the Reports tab in Redbooth to find your new report.

Using the Report Builder, toggle the workspaces you would like to see added to a shared timeline. This populates your timeline with tasks including the assignees, durations, and status.

Once you’re done adding workspaces, collapse the builder to see more of your timeline. You can navigate the timeline to go up to a year in the future or past and return to the present by clicking the Today button.

Filter tasks by assignees

It’s also easy to focus on just the work you care about. To find the tasks that have been assigned to someone from different workspaces, filter by one or more assignees. This makes it easy to see how your team’s workload is being distributed across projects.

Customize your view further by collapsing task lists to hide specific tasks from your timeline. By default, resolved tasks are hidden but you can easily show them in the timeline from the dropdown menu at the top-right.

Plan work across different projects

Timeline Overview also offers the same task management capabilities as your workspace timeline. You can click into any task for more details, change dates, and add dependencies on the fly. When you’re ready to schedule additional work, toggle the filter to show tasks without dates to push your project closer to the finish line.

Manage multiple projects with ease

Timeline Overview expands your planning capabilities while making it easier to manage all of your active workspaces. For customers like Charles Legge, the Digital Project Manager at Crossroads Christian Communications, Timeline Overview is essential for quickly seeing his team’s workload across multiple workspaces. “Timeline Overview helps me identify competing priorities across multiple projects and adjust assignments as needed.”

Timeline Overview is available to Redbooth Business customers starting today. If you’re on the Free or Pro plan, you can try out Timeline Overview for 14 days; just email us at and we can activate the feature for your account.

We also want to thank our customers and beta testers who shared valuable feedback with our team as we were building out this new feature. We’re excited to see how this helps your team collaborate better.