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Redbooth helps you improve productivity by sharing responsibility with the team

Focus your team - Online Task Management & Tracking Software & Tools

Focus your team

Does your team get so busy that important action items fall through the cracks? Never chase after another loose end or miss another deadline. Easily organize, manage, and delegate work, from individual tasks to large-scale projects. Real-time updates keep everyone in the loop and up to date on high-priority initiatives.

Improve accountability - Online Task Management & Tracking Software & Tools

Improve accountability

As task management software, Redbooth is engineered specifically to increase accountability. With clear yet flexible delegation and deadline-setting, team members can demonstrate the progress they’re making and record their accomplishments. Clearly defined task owners and progress updates promote a culture of transparency and engagement.


Urgent tasks - Online Task Management & Tracking Software & Tools

Stay on top of urgent tasks

Redbooth’s dashboard is your command central. View your daily and weekly priorities at a glance. Instantly identify urgent or overdue tasks that need to be completed right away and stay up to speed with real time notifications. Reinforce important commitments by syncing tasks to third-party calendars, including Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook and iCal.

Giant projects - Online Task Management & Tracking Software & Tools

Make giant projects manageable

Instead of letting giant projects overwhelm your team, break each project down into smaller, more manageable parts with Redbooth’s handy subtask checklists. Track progress on each subtask with satisfying checkboxes. If a subtask increases in scope, it’s easy to convert it into a standard task.

Trend reports - Online Task Management & Tracking Software & Tools

Experience total team visibility

No more guessing. No more emails to check in on task progress. See for yourself what’s getting done — and what’s falling behind. Powerful, streamlined reporting on tasks lets you filter by project workspace, users, and task status. Improved team task management means you can accelerate progress toward team and company goals.

Access Redbooth from email - Online Task Management & Tracking Software & Tools

Turbocharge your favorite email program

Access Redbooth directly from your email inbox or create a task with Redbooth’s plugins for Outlook and Gmail. When you get an important email, don’t let it get lost. Turn it into an actionable, trackable item with just one click.


Team history - Online Task Management & Tracking Software & Tools

Tap into valuable team history

How did that decision get made? What did we do last time? Don’t reinvent the wheel. Threaded comments and conversations give your team easy access to communication history. Fast, powerful search takes you back in time in seconds, so you can review the progress and choices that got you to where you are now.

Monitor team status - Online Task Management & Tracking Software & Tools

Allocate work more strategically

See which team members are overloaded and which ones have availability to take on new tasks. Easy-to-use progress and status reports enable you to monitor your team’s status and progress and make data-driven decisions about how to re-allocate work in order to meet ambitious deadlines.

Onboard new team members - Online Task Management & Tracking Software & Tools

Onboard new team members faster

The old model of getting new team members up to speed is a thing of the past. Accelerate onboarding and spend less time on training new hires or new department members. With Redbooth’s task management software, users have slashed onboarding time in half, shortening the downtime before employees can begin contributing.

Centralized - Online Task Management & Tracking Software & Tools

Everything in one place

Finally have everything you need in one centralized location. From task descriptions to comment history to attachments and shared files, your team can collaborate in one place and have everything they need right there to get work done.


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