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*Externals are limited to individuals outside your organization. Please contact support@redbooth.com for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with Redbooth Free?
Redbooth offers our award-winning project management experience for 2 users and 2 active projects. We did save a few features best suited for our Pro and Business customers, which makes the Free plan ideal for individuals and partnerships.
What’s the difference between Professional and Business Reporting
Professional reports show you tasks by user, workload snapshots, and manual time tracking. Business reports, which are especially useful for managers and team leaders, include all of that plus User Reports and Workspace Reports. With User Reports, you can drill down into the performance of individual team members. Workspace Reports include easy-to-use graphs that highlight performance trends over time and workload allocation for each workspace (project) you manage. You can also catch unassigned tasks or tasks without deadlines to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. For more information, visit our Help Center.
Are Gantt charts included in all of the plans?
Yes! At Redbooth, we want to empower your team with interactive Gantt charts to keep your projects on time and on track. Redbooth’s easy-to-use Gantt chart feature — we call it Timeline view — is included in all plans. Redbooth Free offers Gantt Charts, but without the Dependencies feature available in Professional and Business.
I like to collaborate with my clients. Can I add them to a project or workspace?
Sure! Many businesses find that Redbooth is a perfect tool for collaborating with clients. When you add a client as an “external” user, they have limited access to view and update tasks. Customers on our Pro and Business plans are available to add external users, but this is not available on our Free plan customers. For more information, visit our Help Center.
Does Redbooth have special pricing for nonprofits?
We’re proud to support the work of nonprofit organizations by providing a 25% discount off the plan of your choice. We’ll just need to see some documentation of your nonprofit status (typically your IRS 501c3 status letter). Email us at sales@redbooth.com and we’ll be happy to apply the discount to your account.
What payment options are available?
We accept any major credit card. For annual Business plan subscriptions over 50 members, we can issue an invoice payable by bank transfer or check.
Can I sign up our team members across the different plans?
All members in your subscription need to be on the same plan. However, you can switch plans at any time.
If I want to add more employees to our plan in the future, how would I do that?
Grow with Redbooth as your company grows. It’s very simple! When you’re logged into Redbooth, just select “Subscriptions and Billing” from the dropdown menu to add users at any time. You’ll be invoiced for the additional seats for the remaining period of your subscription. For more information, visit our Help Center.
What happens to my information when I upgrade from the Free plan?
All your projects and history are saved in your account when you upgrade from the Free plan. If you downgrade to Free from Pro or Business, you will be required to remove any data that exceed the 2 user, 2 active project, 2GB storage limit.
What is Smart Redbooth?
Smart Redbooth is a collection of features powered by AI using historical task data to help plan, follow, and complete their projects. User Recommendation suggests the most appropriate users for a task, and Due Date Recommendation suggest the most likely date for task completion.

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