Project Management Across Geographic Boundaries– The Pyrrhic Studios Story

USER SPOTLIGHT: We recently had a chat with one of our customers – Pyrrhic Studios – to learn more how they utilize Teambox.

The team at Pyrrhic was searching for web based collaboration software to help its organization work together easily. They were looking for a solution that allowed for task visualization, Google integration, and easy prioritization.

Project Management, Process Tracking, & Group Collaboration

TEAMBOX: What are the main business challenges your organization faces?

PYRRHIC STUDIOS: Our biggest challenge was managing a team of developers spread across great geographic distances. Without the ability to physically interact on a regular basis, we needed a solution that would provide us with an online version of traditional office management tools.

TEAMBOX: So besides needing to manage a global team, what other criteria was important for your team to collaborate better?

PYRRHIC STUDIOS: Our primary concern was a visual representation of tasks each team member was currently working on, as well as a method for tracking their progress and providing timely feedback. We also wanted the ability to prioritize tasks, as well as set deadlines. Our primary method of storage was Google Drive so ease of integration with that system was a secondary concern. We initially attempted to use a combination of workflow spreadsheets and Google calendar, this proved too limited in scope and far too difficult to maintain. Eventually, we found TeamBox and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.

TEAMBOX: What kind of results did you see after getting started?

PYRRHIC STUDIOS: The most immediate result of our transition to Teambox was a much clearer picture of the scope of our project. We found ourselves instantly more organized and efficient at progressing through our workload, and our ability to provide timely feedback improved by leaps and bounds. Teambox gave us the structure needed to establish effective project management.

TEAMBOX: How does Teambox help your team in your day-to-day work?

PYRRHIC STUDIOS: The greatest asset of Teambox is its real time communication tools. Our artist can draw a rough draft sketch, upload it to Teambox, the rest of the team receives an email alert, opens up Teambox and within minutes, we have provided her with the necessary feedback to take that sketch and turn it into a finalized asset. The integration with Google Docs is an amazing feature, the ability to set and modify watchers so that certain team members can be notified of updates, and the numerous filters available when viewing the task list.

TEAMBOX: What kind of advice would you offer to people getting started with online collaboration?

PYRRHIC STUDIOS: The only true challenge we encountered was getting all of the various team members to adopt the new system. Certainly not exclusive to Teambox, it is always a challenge to implement a completely new way of running an organization. By continually directing team members to the software and using it from the top down we were able to quickly bring everyone on board.

TEAMBOX: For your organization, what are the main benefits that you’ve seen since you started using Teambox?

PYRRHIC STUDIOS: Project Management, progress tracking, and team communication have been positively enhanced by adopting Teambox. A considerable amount of time is saved by having a fully integrated all in one solution for project management, and time is money!

We love Teambox and could not imagine doing business without your service, as such we regularly recommend you to our colleagues, both in the software development industry or anyone looking for an all in one project management tool.

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