4 Project Management Tips Straight From Our Customers

Time Tracking Is Vital To Productivity and Project Management

Jonathan Schroeder, a developer by trade, fell in love with Teambox (his words) due to the ease in setting up team collaboration. Yet, he thought the time tracking tool didn’t fit his needs just right.

And because Teambox loves open source, we make it possible to add your own apps.

Jonathan jumped on the opportunity and created a free chrome extension to start and stop time tracking in Teambox. A tool that worked great for his team.

What we know is that Time Tracking helps us stay on top of where we are spending our time.

Are you focusing your time on the right projects? This will be vital to your productivity efforts this year. So, start tracking your time and you will begin to focus on the things that matter most.

Geographic Barriers Are No Longer a Limitation

Our friends at Pyrrhic Studios shared with us how cross country project management can be handled with ease. Despite not being able to meet physically in the same location, Pyrrhic shared that “real time communication tools” are the greatest asset to effective online collaboration. Their artist can draw a rough draft sketch, upload it to Teambox, the rest of the team receives an alert, opens up Teambox and within minutes, a decision can be made.

Teambox also has a team half-way across the world. And companies like Pyrrhic have taught us some great tips on how we can improve our day-to-day operations no matter the time zone.

Mobile and Online Tools Can Help You Manage A Lot of Moving Pieces

Now, if you are in a business with lots of moving parts, then making sure nothing falls through the cracks is vital to your business.

No one knows this more than Essential Print Services. By making sure that every task is assigned to someone with a specific due date, they are always on top of how jobs are progressing. Every detail of their projects are at their fingertips.

Check out the Essential Print Services story and learn how they took their business to the next level with a project management system that keeps everyone accountable right from their mobile phone.

Break Down Tasks into Small Bites

Did you know we actually have a voting forum? We set this up so that our users can share ideas and vote on ideas that would help them the most.

And one of the ideas that came from this forum was for us to incorporate subtasks. We listened and learned. Now we are working on incorporating the ability to create tasks inside other ones and set priorities.

Research shows, we work better when tasks are smaller and more specific.

We just love it when great minds come together and collaborate.

Do You Have A Productivity or Project Management Lessons to Share?

Help us redefine business collaboration and how we work, share with us your ideas and solutions to your team’s collaboration and project management efforts.