Our New Year’s Resolution: To Make 2014 Our Biggest Year Yet for Redefining Business Collaboration and Communications

Honored to Facilitate Collaborative Communication to Top Tier Organizations

Driven in large part by our innovative product road map, Teambox saw sales grow by over 100% in 2014, and tripled our number of customers, as we took on an increasing number of 1,000+ user implementations.

We’re honored to be facilitating a collaborative communication environment for a range of top tier organizations, including The Red Cross, Deutsche Telecom, BBC, Cisco, AT&T, Avis, Intuit, Novartis, Canal+, Discount Tire, Volkswagen, Audi, Subaru, lookout mobile security, Square, Airbnb, RE/MAX, and Aljazeera.

We also continued to expand our support of higher education, and now boast more than 70 prestigious universities, including Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and Duke University, now using the platform to improve collaboration and communication between their communities of students, faculty, and staff.

Our significant growth and customer accolades led to Teambox being recognized for excellence with several industry awards in 2014, including being named a “Top Solution for Road Warriors” by Information Week; being included as one of 6 hot companies to watch by Enterprise Storage Forum; and winning a Best in Business award for Product of the Year.

Road to Redefining Collaboration: Three Big Teambox 2014 Corporate Milestones

Our product innovation and customer growth was complemented by some significant corporate milestones in 2013:

  • Avalon Ventures led our $5 million Series A funding round in October, with the Data Collective Fund also participating.
  • Our corporate headquarters moved from Spain to the United States.
  • We doubled the size of our team to provide our clients with even better customer support and faster, more agile product development.

My 2014 Teambox Resolution: Improving the Way the World Works, One Project at a Time

That’s why my top resolution for 2014 is to build on the past year’s amazing momentum by investing in continuing to enhance the quality of our team, the innovation in our platform, and our customer support capabilities. I’m also resolving to continue to evangelize the need for organizations to embrace technology to improve their corporate workflow – and bring their employees along into the future of work.

It’s astounding to me how much time the average professional spends each day clearing out their email inbox, sitting in meetings, and gearing up to travel for even more meetings. Yet often, in the same breath they complain about the pain of managing work through email, they’ll note they lack the time to learn how to use technology – like Teambox – to make their work far more efficient.

We hear from our clients regularly that they are significantly increasing their productivity, accountability, and team communication through our platform.

Our Business Collaboration Challenge

Are you really too busy to streamline your team’s communication and productivity?

If you haven’t given Teambox a try, I’d like to challenge you to take just one small project team, and commit to containing all the project communication and work within Teambox so you can see for yourself just how quick and easy it is to use, and how much time your team is able to take back in their workday. And if you take me up on this challenge – I want to hear from you.

Tell me how it goes at dan@teambox.com. I want to hear what you loved about Teambox, any roadblocks you had with getting your team members onboard, and even those little things that drove you up the wall.

At Teambox, we’re redefining the way the workplace collaborates, and we can’t do that without your feedback.

I’m expecting 2014 to be our biggest year yet. You’ll get a first look at what we’ve got in store for you when we launch Redbooth, the new version of Teambox. We’ll also be announcing some new partnerships that I think you’ll be pretty excited about. Stay tuned.