Redbooth capitalizes on successful Google and Box integrations with launch of public API

Redwood City, Calif. — May 22, 2014
Fully robust API and self-service portal for developers rapidly accelerates integration process for customers and partners

Redbooth, the collaboration and communication company, today launched its first publicly available API, enabling customers and partners to easily leverage the platform in unlimited ways. Building on a history of productivity-enhancing integrations with dozens of technology companies such as Google, Box, Microsoft, Dropbox, Barracuda, and more, the API now enables companies to extend Redbooth into the enterprise in a way specifically tailored to their situation and needs.

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Intel’s Secrets to Virtual Team Success

Enhanced employee productivity, increased agility, greater job satisfaction, travel avoidance, and support for business growth in emerging markets…these are all the things that Intel has accomplished through the use of virtual teams. Learn what makes it work for them, and how you can implement in your company.

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