7 Top Project Management Books and Resources

It’s Monday morning, and as you read through the emails, you discover you’ve been tasked with managing a project. Feel like a deer in the headlights? No? Been there and done that, have you?

No worries, either way we’ve got some useful resources that can help you whether it’s your first time out or you just need to knock down the cobwebs and shake off the dust.

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What to Do If You Don’t Like Collaborative Projects

I see you just received an invite to be a part of a collaborative project. Hang on, what’s this? A bit of snarl? You’re not leaping for joy? I’m sure you are as excited as Steve Martin in “The Jerk” when he makes it into the phone book and runs about screaming “… I’m somebody now!”

So you’re not quite chomping at the bit and ready to leap out of the starting gate? So you don’t like working on a collaborative projects? Oh dear…

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Warning: You’re Losing Money By Not Using Collaboration Tools

Just read a great book on how to improve my daily routines and focus on the things that matter most. The book was entitled – Manage Your Day-to-Day, Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus & Sharpen Your Creative Mind. It’s a long title, but an awesome book for those struggling with information overload and project collaboration systems that need a little love.

Is there really anyone who doesn’t struggle with this issue? Let’s take e-mail as an example.

In the book, they talk about how companies really have no idea how much time and money they are wasting on the dominant communication vehicle – email. Poor project collaboration and overuse of email wastes time and costs your business lots of money. Let’s explore where the green stuff is going and how to fix the issue.

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