Redbooth capitalizes on successful Google and Box integrations with launch of public API

Redwood City, Calif. — May 22, 2014
Fully robust API and self-service portal for developers rapidly accelerates integration process for customers and partners

Redbooth, the collaboration and communication company, today launched its first publicly available API, enabling customers and partners to easily leverage the platform in unlimited ways. Building on a history of productivity-enhancing integrations with dozens of technology companies such as Google, Box, Microsoft, Dropbox, Barracuda, and more, the API now enables companies to extend Redbooth into the enterprise in a way specifically tailored to their situation and needs.

Since the launch of the Redbooth product and the company rebranding in January, Redbooth continues to be adopted by large numbers of enterprise customers and SMBs, and it is these larger companies that see the most benefit from the API. Customers have expressed a wish to build custom applications on top of Redbooth, for both desktop and mobile, something easily achieved through Redbooth’s technology and platform-agnostic RESTful API.

Redbooth CEO Dan Schoenbaum commented that, “larger customers and partners have a strong need to integrate collaboration and communication activities with other technologies in their organization. The API makes it easy to unlock the value of existing technology investments and bring together co-workers and activities in a beautifully-designed UI.” Jordi Romero, VP of Business Development and Platform, added, “Redbooth’s API follows all the standards of REST HTTP APIs, delivering endpoints to manage tasks, conversations, projects, users, etc. There are now no limits on ways to enter data into Redbooth, visualize it in custom reports, or sync it with other services.”

Customers and partners can build apps for faster collaboration, integrate for a more connected environment leveraging internal workflows, and easily extract data to make smarter decisions. A self-service portal for developers has been launched in parallel, which provides a set of comprehensive, easy-to-use resources for anyone looking to extend Redbooth in as little as five minutes. During the development of the API, customers with early access have used the capability to integrate legacy SharePoint environments, transform data entered in website forms to Redbooth tasks, and build iOS apps that display critical project status information.


The API is available immediately. Visit the Getting Started section of the Redbooth developer portal for more information, or email The API is also available for the Redbooth On-Premise product.

About Redbooth

Redbooth (formerly Teambox) is a collaboration and communication platform that provides the best single place for teams and companies to collaborate and get work done. Redbooth is used by companies across the globe including Airbnb, Al Jazeera, Apple, AT&T, Avis, BBC, Canal+, Cisco, Discount Tire, Deutsche Telekom, Duke University, Ebay, Harvard University, Intuit, Novartis, Spotify, Subaru, ReMax and Volkswagen Audi. Founded in Barcelona in 2008, the company is privately held and headquartered in Redwood City, California. For more information about Redbooth and a free trial, visit