Five Tips for Virtual Team Managers

Virtual team management is becoming increasingly commonplace. Whether you are an existing manager or new to the management game, these top five tips for virtual team management will help you and your team collaborate at higher levels.

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Top Virtual Team Resources To Improve Your Team’s Efficiency

Whether you call it teleworking, telecommuting or remote working, being a part of any kind of virtual work experience is a unique experience, to say the least. The rewards are great, to be sure. But there are also a number of challenges associated with this type of business structure. To help you make the most of your virtual team experience, we’ve gathered a few top resources for your team to dive into.

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Successful Virtual Teams Know Teamwork

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a virtual team successful, you’re not alone. It’s not always easy to get it right, especially when you’re grappling with the typical challenges that virtual teams face, like complicated time zones, varied communication styles and limited personal contact.
So what’s the secret? Take a look at some of the common traits outstanding virtual teams and their members share.

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The Best Virtual Teams Know How to FOCUS. Do You?

One of the things that the best virtual teams do differently is managing their day-to-day and focusing on the most important stuff day-in and day-out. These virtual teams know how to get things done and avoid distractions like email or cell phones.

If you are managing a virtual team, what you really need to do is help your team find their focus – not add to the chaos. It’s not easy. Getting the right things done can be an uphill battle with all the distractions around us.

Does this scenario sound like your day – full of conflicts, distractions, and demands for time away from project work? Could you use help staying focused? Read on.

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