Woz & Teambox: Reading the Future of the Web Tea Leaves

Reading the Future of Web Tea Leaves

We agree with Woz. Here at Teambox, the future is already here. Virtual teams are a reality and our software is designed to keep everyone on the same page, regardless of where you work. We built a system that “just works,” regardless of your platform.

Web based collaboration software is nothing new, but until now, there was no way to keep all of your online resources in one place. If you used Google Docs, you had to stay logged into your Google account. If you used Dropbox, you had to use their desktop app or the clunky web interface to upload files. The project management software packages available offered some features, but if you wanted to consolidate your favorite online tools to be used in one place, you were stuck.

A Unified Approach

That’s why we started building Teambox. We realized no one had quite got it right. We didn’t want to try to rebuild Dropbox or Google Docs within our platform. Those are both excellent pieces of software on their own. Why should we reinvent those capabilities? Why not include these tools in our own software? We’ll just build a software to keep it all organized, so you can keep collaborating with your favorite tools.

Woz predicts “…collaboration will transcend platforms.”

Over the past several months, Teambox has effectively integrated Google Drive (which includes Google Docs), Dropbox, Box, Google Chrome and numerous other platforms. Teambox isn’t limited to your desktop either. We offer excellent mobile apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. This means road-warriors are just as happy as your 9-5 staff with the usability.

Woz is right. 2013 will be the year for collaboration software. But you don’t have to wait for someone to build it. The software for effective collaboration is already here. And thousands of our clients are already seeing the benefits it offers, you should too!
In 2014, Teambox became Redbooth, a complete collaboration and real-time communication platform that includes enterprise chat, web conferencing, and flexible task management. See how Redbooth can increase your team’s productivity >>