Project Management Reinvented

Don’t just manage projects. Manage your entire workflow — and get more done.

Visualize your work - Project Management Tools - Easy-to-Use Software

Visualize your work

See where your team is headed — tomorrow, next week, and next month. In a fast-moving industry, old-fashioned project management software can hold your team back.

With Redbooth, you can respond right away to new information: update a deadline, drag and drop a task, assign a key step to a new team member. You’re not stuck with the original plan for the project: instead, you’ve got a responsive, dynamic project workflow that evolves along with you.

Team collaboration - Project Management Tools - Easy-to-Use Software

Dynamic team collaboration

In traditional project management, a project manager owned the process. But today’s teams don’t want to sit idle — they want to move faster and be fully engaged.

Redbooth makes it easy to for your entire team to share ideas, updates, files, and questions, and to keep projects moving forward together. Projects are less likely to stall out or run into walls when the entire team can contribute. Transparency and accountability are the name of the game.

Organize your projects - Project Management Tools - Easy-to-Use Software

Align with your team’s style

Should you have to change the way your team works just because you have new project management software? At Redbooth, we have an answer for that: No way!

Organize your projects by week, by phase, by category — or whatever works best for your team. Need some inspiration or a jumpstart on a process? Browse through the project templates library to see examples of projects — and then launch your favorite one right inside Redbooth!

Mobile collaboration - Project Management Tools - Easy-to-Use Software

Stay connected from anywhere

Whether you’re working from home, on the road, or halfway across the world, you can manage projects from wherever you are.

Redbooth’s browser app, desktop app (for Mac and Windows), iOS and Android apps, and even an Apple Watch app keep you connected to your team. Seamless syncing ensures that you always have a real-time picture of what’s happening with your projects.

Powerful and intuitive - Project Management Tools - Easy-to-Use Software

Powerful and intuitive

Redbooth is so easy that at first some users don’t realize how powerful it can be. So it’s perfect for teams with a range of expertise, from sophisticated tech folks to people who like to keep it simple.

The clean, intuitive interface won’t give new users a headache, and in-depth reporting gives data types and leaders the high-level information they need to plan, allocate work, and keep details from falling through the cracks.

Team collaboration - Project Management Tools - Easy-to-Use Software

Improve project hand-offs

In a growing company, you’re going to need to bring people on mid-project: new contractors, new team members, even executives who want to track your progress. In an old-school project management tool — or the combination of email and spreadsheets — doing this is a project in itself.

In Redbooth, it’s a breeze. New people on the project can catch up quickly and hit the ground running without endless meetings and reports.

Centralized workspace - Project Management Tools - Easy-to-Use Software

Find everything you need

Redbooth is a complete workstream collaboration platform. You get video conferencing and screen sharing, voice conferencing, direct messaging, and team chat already built in, along with discussions inside of tasks — even the ability to embed your Box, Evernote, and SharePoint files.

This comes in handy when you’re halfway through a project and need to locate something from Week 1. Was it in chat...or did you upload it to a task? Because Redbooth is a single streamlined platform instead of five separate apps patched together, a quick search will bring up what you’re looking for.

Ready to work smarter? Start today and see why thousands of companies are using Redbooth as their project management software.