8 Business Problems the Best Collaboration Software Can Solve

The Best Collaboration Software Helps You Put a Lid on All of Your Collaboration Challenges

Collaboration Software

Have you ever left the lid off of the blender? You know … after carefully measuring out the ingredients to your favorite smoothie recipe? And then splat! – the entire kitchen is covered with slime, and you’re slip-sliding on your hands and knees with nothing to show for it but a wad of gunky paper towels and a frown?

Sometimes that’s how it feels when working with teams and collaborative projects. Oh sure, it all looks good on paper. You have the proposal right there in front of you, complete with a long to-do list. But then you try to actually get a project done, and suddenly no one knows what each other is doing. Deadlines get overlooked, directions are misunderstood or emails get lost, and suddenly you’re looking at a mixed up mess of gunk.

That’s why good collaborative software is so vital to your business. It’s kind of like the blender lid of teamwork. It helps keep everything in one place, contained and, well … properly blended. You can manage your projects, collaborate with your team, communicate effectively and genuinely get work done– the perfect combination.

But exactly how does such a platform offer solutions, you ask? Well, here you go – here are eight common business problems that the best collaboration software can solve:

#1 Collaboration Software Solution – Tracking

One of the biggest frustrations for anybody working on a team is keeping track of all the small moving parts, including time spent, status, deadlines and progress. In fact, “Where are we on that?” should be tattooed on every project manager’s forehead. Collaboration software allows managers and team members to check on progress at a quick glance – from the very beginning of a project all the way to its completion.

#2 Collaboration Software Solution – Task Management

Overlooked emails, lost messages and missed assignments are a thing of the past, if your collaboration software has anything to do with it. Assigning and managing duties, whether they’re for yourself or other team members, helps everyone stay focused on the things that matter to your company. It’s less stressful for everyone when tasks can be organized in a way that allows for higher productivity, clear direction and meaningful accountability.

Task list templates can also help you save time, allowing you to effortlessly assign recurring responsibilities to specific team members. This could include things like checklists or evaluation questions, hiring processes, new customer protocol, or product launch activities.

#3 Collaboration Software Solution – File & Content Management

How much time do you waste trying to open incompatible files or renaming and re-saving modified ones? It can drive a person crazy!

Whether you’re using document and image storage services like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox or Copy, you’ll want a platform that allows for hassle-free sharing, and can integrate images and files without pesky glitches or unnecessary and time-consuming extra steps. In addition, collaboration software with plenty of free file storage, combined with file syncing and eSignature capabilities, will pave the way for a seamless workflow.

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#4 Collaboration Software Solution – Team Communication

Jumbled group emails and confusing conversation threads are not a problem if your collaboration software cultivates effective communication. For starters, your online conversations can be organized and stored by project in a spam-free environment. You should also be able to convert discussions to tasks with ease. And let’s not forget real-time communication, which can be fostered by using HD video conferencing, screen sharing and a fully-integrated chat environment.

#5 Collaboration Software Solution – Diversity Support

Most virtual teams are made up of workers from a range of different time zones and even countries. With good collaboration software, you can track group meeting schedules in order to accommodate time differences, and schedule future meeting times in a fair and consistent pattern. The best collaboration platforms will also be able to support a variety of languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and more.

#6 Collaboration Software Solution – Workload Monitoring

It’s easy to find your team in a jam if you’re constantly dealing with department overloads or project bottlenecks – especially if you don’t know who’s doing what. With the right platform, you can monitor your team status and progress while maintaining a steady workflow and consistent task completion.

#7 Collaboration Software Solution – Mobile Applications

Software is great until you can’t use it. Even if your team members are traveling or in a really, really remote location, they should be able to stay connected with each other (and clients, too) with tablet and mobile access for Android and iOS, to give them whenever/wherever productivity.

#8 Collaboration Software Solution – Knowledge Management

Every business deals with the challenge of onboarding new employees quickly or bringing employees into an existing project when another employee is on leave. How do you facilitate better knowledge management, so your team can get up-to-speed as quickly as possible? Time is money!

Well, the best collaboration software will enable any business to centralize all those important templates and procedures, so you don’t have to hunt them down when a new member joins your team. In addition, the right software will also clearly document the history of a project, who is responsible for what, as well as, incorporate tools to expedite the training process (i.e. training videos, client profiles, etc.)

The Best Collaboration Software Helps You Put A Lid On Your Collaboration Challenges

Regardless of the size of your organization, some of your most pesky business problems are easily solved with the right communication and collaboration platform. It can provide you and your team with a single place to get work done … and put a lid on it, so to speak.

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