Improve your Visual Feedback Workflows with Redline

Using Redline Integration with Redbooth for More Efficient Feedback on Visual Content

If you’ve ever worked on a web design or graphic design project, you’ve inevitably run into the inevitable roadblock of reviewers and designers not speaking the same language. This miscommunication can lead to endless circular email chains, multi-page emails full of repetitive bugs, and numerous design revisions–all of which can derail project deadlines. And it can cause unnecessary wear-and-tear on employee relationships.That’s where the Redline integration with Redbooth comes in.

“We started Redline to solve the communication gap between designers and developers that occurs regardless if they are in same space or working as a virtual team,” says Stephanie Chen Gulla, UX/Visual designer and co-founder of Redline. “Problems that emerge are typically not language or translation issues; frequently, it’s visual ideas that weren’t getting across from one team member to another.”


Streamline Your Visual Workflow

After following an easy, 3-step installation of the Redline bookmarklet into your browser, or adding the Redline ribbon onto your website, you’re ready to start providing visual feedback. These tools enable you to make comments and mark bugs directly on any web page. When you’re done with marking up the page, you enter in a task name and what needs to be done, assign it to a team member, and the visual markup and task comments are automatically input into Redbooth. And this all takes only a few seconds. Check out this video for an example:


“It’s important to us that we are able to make the feedback process as quick and painless as possible, says Chen Gulla. “You shouldn’t have to spend more time trying to communicate the problem than it will take to fix it!”

Integrating Redline with Redbooth makes it easy for anyone in your organization to point out bug fixes, and get them into the queue for prioritization–without having to negotiate learning how to use a complex standalone bug ticket system. Developers are made aware of issues more quickly, and can prioritize and assign tasks, and monitor bug fix progress and deadlines, all within Redbooth’s all-in-one collaboration and communication platform.

“Your development team shouldn’t be managing their tasks with multiple tools,” says Raj Sen Sharma, integrations and platform product manager at Redbooth. “By making bug submission easy, and tracking it within the same tool the rest of your organization is using for managing their day-to-day workflow, it also provides greater transparency of these issues to senior management.”

Create a Visual Swipe File

In addition to being a great way to provide mark-up and feedback on development work in progress, Redline is also a great way to build a library of design ideas to share with your team. As shown in the below video, you can quickly create and share a well-organized collection of design ideas – no more digging through old emails or hundreds of browser bookmarks to find that great UI implementation.

To create your own virtual swipe file, start by creating a Design Inspiration project in Redbooth. Next, create task lists that reflect the design categories you want to collect, such as Logos, CTA buttons, or UI. Now you’re ready to start storing up great ideas for your next redesign.