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What is
Redbooth chat?

Redbooth is business messaging software that helps you get questions answered, confirm information and make sure your work runs smoothly.

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Why use Redbooth chat?

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Instant collaboration

Regardless of geography or device

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Intelligent notifications

Reach co-workers wherever they are (online, email or phone)

Multiple devices -  » Team Chat

Support for all major mobile platforms

Including iPad, iPhone and Android

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Context-driven integration

Always know what the other person is talking about with Redbooth’s enterprise-grade, web-based solution

How does Redbooth chat work?

Redbooth chat works with you...

...right in your Redbooth browser,
...or on your phone and tablet.
Got a quick question?
Or need some advice?

It’s business chat, right where you need it to be. Simply ask a coworker a question or mention an idea in a project chat, and get the responses you need instantly.

Redbooth chat allows for one-on-one instant messaging or group messaging, so you can speak with the relevant person or people right away.

What customers say

Our law firm has offices throughout the US and EU, and we're constantly connected internally and with our clients using Redbooth chat. I can get the status on any of my client work within seconds - anytime, anywhere.

Mark White
White Summers Caffee & James, LLP

We are big fans of Redbooth and love the communication aspect of it. It has become the hub to our business.

Marcus Neto
Blue Fish Design Studio

Redbooth chat has eliminated the multiple trips a day to each other’s office for a “quick” question. We have offices across the western US and chat makes it feel like everyone is here with us rather than in another state.

Tamara Lies
Ambit Consulting

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