Graphic design and video studio uses Redbooth to triple their work bandwidth

Please describe the problem or business challenge your company was trying to solve with Redbooth.
My business was growing and moving fast. I had many clients, all using different communication channels, and putting in requests by email. I needed a way to centralize all project notes and streamline tasks not only for my creative team, but for my clients as well. In graphic design and animation, there are many rounds of editing, so the emails can pile up. Redbooth nearly eliminated any need for email with my clients, and my clients luv being able to quickly create tasks with very little time spent doing so.

Tell us about your search for a solution.
I had tried many other solutions. A couple of pricey project management systems, a few ‘board’ and project based apps, but none of them fit seamlessly into my workflow. The most difficult thing about them was getting my clients to use them, none of them stuck. I knew Redbooth was my solution as soon as I saw my clients taking to it and benefiting from it.

How did you make the decision to choose Redbooth?
I have a virtual assistant who is extremely fast and organized. I was wondering how he did it, thinking I could apply his process to my creative agency, he introduced me to Redbooth and I knew I had to implement it into my workflow immediately. The thing I like most about Redbooth is how it has almost replaced my email. Emails = stress and miscommunication. Not to mention, awkward requests and mismanaged files. Redbooth helps everyone get right to the point so we can focus on creating great work. Redbooth acts almost as a seasoned Project Manager, and my Designers and Animators luv the ease at which we do projects now. The ability to schedule due dates for tasks eliminates any miscommunication about deadlines and deliverables.

What specific results and benefits were you able to achieve with Redbooth?
The benefits of Redbooth are immediately noticeable. It allows me to scale the amount of Design and Video projects I have going on simultaneously 3 times over. Not only can I take on more projects, I can deliver to my clients quicker, meaning they can get their graphics, visual stories and videos out to their audiences in record time. The greatest value Redbooth adds, in my opinion, is it’s the perfect system to help fast-paced Creative Agencies like myself deliver top-notch work, with far greater organization and crystal clear communication than I thought was possible. My favorite features are passing on tasks with one click to my Designers, linking Box and Dropbox files, and the ability to still answer from your email (this one is especially great for clients that still use email). I recommend Redbooth to all of my clients and friends, mostly when they are complaining of ‘project overload’ or disorganized systems, and have had people thank me for doing so.