Manufacturing company reduces meeting time and increases accountability with Redbooth

Please describe the problem or business challenge your company was trying to solve with Redbooth.
We decided to integrate Redbooth into our organization to increase our efficiency with communication. Emails are challenging with the Reply/Reply to All feature, and important data was not being relayed to all pertinent parties. Historical data was also lost or difficult to retrieve with projects. A lot of time was spent researching and rehashing topics in meetings. Our goal was to be more productive and work smarter.

Tell us about your search for a solution.
The solution had to be intuitive enough so that all generations of our workforce could easily implement and adapt. We have used other software in the past, but it was primarily geared toward a specific job function. We needed software that was cross-functional.

How did you make the decision to choose Redbooth?
Our company participated in a trial with only a few key members of the core team. We set up projects and key functions to determine how well it flowed. As we progressed, we added more people to get feedback. Once we got executive buy-in, we implemented the software company wide.

What specific results and benefits were you able to achieve with Redbooth?
The results the software achieved have been numerous. We have significantly reduced the amount of time in meetings. We have also increased traceability and accountability in tasks and projects. We have been able to prioritize our tasks and manage projects more effectively.