From UC to WCC: An Exciting Time for Our Partners


At Redbooth, I lead our new Partner Program, working with companies who want to bring the power of Redbooth directly to their customers.

There’s a recent blog post that I keep going back to by Dave Michels at No Jitter: “‘WCC’ Makes Communications Strategic Again.”

I think it does a really great job describing what’s happening right now in the UC industry:

UC, messaging, and content together comprise a workstream, and that becomes a place where work gets done…..[fellow No Jitter blogger Zeus Kerravala and I] prefer the category label “workstream communications and collaboration,” or WCC.

[T]hese new solutions are far better at organization, and bind conversations and content in one place — effectively delivering on the UC promise of contextual communications.

It’s a GIANT shift in thinking.

I’m thrilled that WCC gives our partners the opportunity to understand what’s new and what’s next in Unified Communications.

The solutions we provide in the UC space are on the cutting edge. They’re innovative — and they make a real difference for users.

Going to a deeper level

With Redbooth, we’re giving partners the tools and technology to:

  • Ask their customers more about how their businesses work
  • Discover and leverage the repeatable processes their customers rely on
  • Make it easier for their customers to collaborate internally and externally
  • Help their customers get out of email — and get into a shared workspace

UC Partners traditionally talk to IT departments, which is great — but what about the other departments?

Now they can go back to their existing customers and have conversations with HR, marketing, facilities, and sales to talk about how Redbooth can increase their productivity.

They can go to the Redbooth workflow template library and share examples from a wide range of areas and fields that customers can test drive right away.

That’s what we call getting “stickier” with customers. And that means being able to deliver value to new and existing customers at a greater scale; which in turn, results in happier people all around.

Leveraging your technology

Here’s what I don’t hear from partners: “Gee, I want more email.”

What I DO hear is “Wow, I can’t believe how little email I get! Now all of my messages go through Redbooth, in context in the workspaces I belong to.”

Our partners are using Redbooth themselves and experiencing the benefits of it firsthand. They use it for system implementation, construction project management, marketing collaboration and employee onboarding. They share their own experiences and ROIs when they speak with their customers.

We know customers are looking at cloud solutions: contact centers, conferencing, CRM, and more. They’re seeing that adding Redbooth’s cloud-based software to those solutions empower them to offer a more complete package.

Plus, Redbooth can help them leverage their existing technology investments, including SharePoint Online and Box, along with a whole host of other solutions.

We are looking to our Partner community to provide professional services to their customers. There are lots of key ways to support Redbooth customers and add value to their experience — and that’s in addition to sharing the insider perspectives and insights from using the software themselves.

My advice to partners: Use it.

To our new and potential partners, my message is simple: Use it. Have fun. You’re not going to break anything.

Put Redbooth on your phone, or your iPad. Download the desktop app. And really experience what it’s like to be connected to your team wherever you want to be connected to your team. You’re never going to have to be left out of the loop again. That’s the power of Redbooth!

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