Workspace Duration View – Project Planning Made Easy!

Workspace Duration View, Project Planning, Time Management

Most of you are probably already familiar with Timeline View and Timeline Overview, Redbooth’s personal take on the traditional Gantt chart. If you have used them, you know what powerful tools they are for project planning and management (if you haven’t checked them out, you should, you’ll thank us later!). 

Timeline View helps you schedule tasks, assign them to team members, quickly overlook progress, create task dependencies and visualize the project as a whole in an easy and intuitive way – boosting productivity and project management efficiency.

As more and more teams started using Timeline View for multiple workspaces, we soon realized that it was difficult to get a comprehensive view on how different projects fit together. Teams were spending too much time toggling between different Timelines, exporting reports and analyzing them separately in order to be able to get an overview on all of their projects. 

We brainstormed and came up with an effective solution – the Timeline Overview, which allows teams to manage multiple workspaces on the same timeline. This powerful project planning tool helps avoid the hassle of constantly toggling between workspaces or exporting excel sheets to get an overview on multiple projects. It gives you the flexibility you need when working with multiple workspaces, allowing you to combine workspaces as you wish, filter by assignees, jump back and forth in time and take multiple projects into account when planning work.

Workspace Duration View – The New Timeline Power Feature!

We are excited to announce that Timeline Overview just got a powerful new feature – the Workspace Duration View! In the Workspace Duration View you can collapse workspaces to get a better macro view on all the workspaces at hand, without losing sight of the timescale and project durations. 

Workspace Duration View, Project Planning, Time Management


This feature will help you easily track tasks over time on different workspaces, compare their timescales, identify potential bottlenecks and/or competing priorities and know exactly when they begin and end from a quick glance at your timeline, even in collapsed view!

Workspace Duration View will upgrade your Timeline Overview and project managing capabilities to the next level, allowing you to visualize the big picture and boost time management and overall productivity. All you need to do is collapse your workspaces in the Timeline Overview – go check it out and see for yourself!

Timeline Overview is available to Redbooth Business customers. If you’re on the Free or Pro plan, contact us to try out this feature for free!