Ultimate Team Building Activities Guide

Looking for innovative team building ideas? Redbooth’s collection of resources will get your team collaborating in no time.

Team building activities

Oh sure … mention the words team building and activities in the same sentence and you’re likely to hear at least one or two people groan. That’s probably because they’re carrying around bad memories of failed corporate retreats or awkward personal enrichment workshops that involved holding hands with colleagues or singing corny camp songs.

Believe it or not, team building doesn’t have to be painful, annoying or even embarrassing. There are valuable team building exercises out there that can actually be fun, rewarding, and most importantly … effective in uniting groups and developing individual skills and collective strengths.  But they have to be appropriate for the circumstances, and delivered in a way that urges participation and fosters growth among groups.

So where do you start? We’ve gathered together some inspiring ideas and helpful team  building resources just for you. Some are Redbooth articles, and others are links to industry leaders, publications and websites related to the topic.


Check Out These Team Building Resources


Go Team! Top Tips for Virtual Team Building

Get your virtual team fired up, united and working together with these team building tips.


Redbooth User Story: Virtual Team Bonding

How one company uses Redbooth to keep marketing fun!


Tips and Ideas for Virtual Team Building Activities

Lay the groundwork and plan for effective virtual team building activities.


Team-Building Exercises

Planning Activities That Actually Work

This Mind Tools article outlines things to consider when planning a team event, and highlights specific activities to address typical team issues and concerns.


Team Building Ideas & Games

Free ideas for team exercises and activities specifically for team-building, training, employee motivation, learning and development, recruitment, and more.


Team Building Activities and Ideas for Your Business

Choose from a range of themed activities on this Sabre Corporate Development website.


Team Building Activities for the Workplace

Buzzle offers team building ideas that improve the work environment and helps employees bond and get-to-know each other.


Team Spirit: Fun Team Building Activities for Small Businesses

A quick look at four team building ideas to promote fun and better communication at work.


Steve Shenbaum

This team-building expert uses improvisational activities, while emphasizing humor and honesty when working with world-class athletes, executives and corporate teams to improve communication and develop leadership. Follow him on Twitter, @steveshenbaum.


30 Team-Building Games, Activities, and Ideas

This PDF file from the Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center, Inc., provides clear instructions for 30 different types of activities aimed at building teams. You’ll also see clear purposes and desired outcomes.


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