The Sky Is the Limit for Collaboration!

Team Collaboration = Work Better and Get More Done

The collaboration space is fast moving and gets more exciting every day. Why so? Everyone needs to collaborate; whether you are a team of 5, or a Fortune 500 company, email just doesn’t get the job done. We know you are tired of massive Sharepoint “black hole” implementations, products that don’t work and a dizzying array of narrow, point solutions.

In a December article in Forbes Magazine, Steve Wozniak’s top prediction for 2013 was, “Businesses will look to use collaboration solutions that ‘just work’ – for every possible need.”

Steve’s comment beautifully depicts the Teambox strategy, which is simple – Provide a single, secure application in the cloud to manage ALL of your business collaboration.

Whether you are a CEO or an intern, you have tasks to manage. Realistically, nobody can effectively keep track of tasks in their mind all day, every day because it’s simply ineffective and exhausting. Furthermore, when you share those tasks with your colleagues, you are more likely to achieve the desired result the first time around. Surround those tasks with your own virtual project workplace to share ideas and files, set and track milestones, interact with customers and suppliers and voila! You are now collaborating at a speed you didn’t know was possible.

The Response

Our customers have responded with a resounding “yes” to our strategy of providing a single, secure cloud application with everything needed to collaborate. We have seen an unbelievably positive response. It has been thrilling to experience the buzz and excitement that resulted in our tremendous momentum this past year.

Over and over again, customers tell us that we have transformed the way they work and many report that Teambox has given them a 75 % increase in productivity. I have worked for countless enterprise companies and have never experienced a reaction as positive of those I’ve experienced from our customer base.

If you have your own story that you want to share, I’d love to hear from you (

The Results

2012 was a great year, thanks to you, our extensive worldwide community. We grew our revenue well over 500% year over year, expanded our paying companies from hundreds to almost 2,000 paying accounts, launched Teambox 4 (a completely redesigned single pane product), integrated Teambox with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive to bring our collaboration to leading file storage vendors, and partnered with box to offer 15GB of free, secure storage from Box for ALL Teambox customers, but there’s more! We released “Notes” to enable our customers to capture thoughts, meeting minutes and anything else on their mind directly inside the Teambox interface. We provided early access to our very own “Helpdesk”, and a Dashboard (just three of the many “apps” that we will be launching on our platform in the near future).

Finally, we added great new customers including Southwest Airlines, EMI Records, Airbnb, Square and Direct TV.

Looking Ahead

We are rapidly expanding our team and will be improving and delivering a faster, better product in 2013. Unlocking the power of mobility will be a top priority and we will continue testing an array of “apps” to run within Teambox, enabling you to do things you didn’t think possible. We think that Steve Wozniak was onto something big, and so is Teambox.

Stick with us in 2013 to see what’s in store!

In 2014, Teambox became Redbooth, a complete collaboration and real-time communication platform that includes enterprise chat, web conferencing, and flexible task management. See how Redbooth can increase your team’s productivity >>