The Road to a Collaborative Culture [INFOGRAPHIC]

A 10-step Guide to Better Teamwork

Did you know that better collaboration technology can lead to an additional $900 billion to $1.3 trillion in annual revenue for the top four major sectors? Or that collaboration platforms can decrease the time employees spend chasing information by 25%? Or that 90% of companies reported improved productivity when a collaboration system was implemented.

The steps to building a game plan for unifying your team’s efforts can be simple if you follow a few critical steps. For example, if you abandon your cluttered email inbox and give important tasks a better home, it will instantly elevate your productivity. Did you know that over 100 billion emails are sent and received every day? Yuck. Think about the hours wasted on searching for important information or tasks within those emails.

So, the real question is: what are the steps you need to take to build a collaborative culture so your team focuses on the right things at the right time? Well, to answer this question, we decided to guide you on “The Road to a Collaborative Culture.” Check it out:


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