How Does Redbooth’s Team Stay Productive? (Infographic)

The most productive teams are constantly evaluating exactly that  assessing the way their team works.

Many times, we as people can fall into habits that are simply not efficient in moving us towards our end goal.

For that reason, the most productive teams are frequently self-reflecting. Where are our strengths? Where can we improve as a group? As an organization? How well are we communicating through team projects?

Although Redbooth enables teams to work smarter and collaborate more productively, the workplace, in general, is continually evolving. Trends of ‘work’ are changing year to year, so we wanted to take a deeper look into how our team approaches productivity.

We had some interesting findings and were eager to share them with you. We explored a few different areas of communication and collaboration, and our team members weren’t shy about telling us how they work.


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