Task Dependencies – Redbooth’s Newest Addition

task dependencies

A constant challenge of project planning is keeping track of task dependencies to avoid unexpected delays on project deliverables. Planning and managing those dependencies is no less important than defining the tasks themselves, because they can greatly affect scheduling and resource management. 

Task Dependencies can help you plan tasks in a project, visualize the total estimated duration/worst case scenario in a project plan, deal with scheduling and resource issues and identify opportunities to improve task and project scheduling.

Updating task dependency was the most requested feature for Timeline View, Redbooth’s upgraded version of the classic Gannt chart. Users love to be able to move tasks quickly in Timeline View, but when tasks were dependent on the completion of the task beforehand, users would have to create the dependency by hand. 

We hadn’t supported task dependency updates until now because of the complication involved in respecting time changes between multiple dependent tasks. But seeing how task dependencies are so important for our users, the team worked hard on finding a seamless way to update them.

With Timeline View’s new Task Dependencies, you can now:

  1. Create finish-to-start dependencies between tasks in the same workspace
  2. Automatically update the dates for dependent tasks when moving the end date of parent tasks to a future date
  3. Delete dependencies when child tasks are moved to start before the end of parent tasks
  4. Automatically update the dates for dependent tasks when moving child tasks forward in time


Task dependencies can be very useful in multiple project management scenarios. When updating the end date of a parent task, for example, the start date for dependent tasks is automatically updated, instead of changing the start date of each dependent task by hand. That way, the project path and scope of the project, which influence the cost of a project are efficiently updated, saving time and avoiding human error.

Utilizing task dependencies can also help deal with overlapping tasks and potential bottlenecks, allowing project managers to meet deadlines, optimize the use of time and resources and avoid potential hurdles with ease.

Task dependencies are guaranteed to take your project planning and scheduling to the next level. They are only available on our Pro/Business plans. Upgrade to Pro or Business today!

For more details on how to create tasks dependencies, you can check out this article.