Take Your QA Testing Up a Notch with Redbooth + TestLodge

New Test Lodge Integration Streamlines Your Online QA Process

As the integrations and platform manager for Redbooth, I’m always looking for workflows that can be improved by partnering with specialized apps to help you work smarter and faster within the platform. Our recent integration with TestLodge allows you to automate your QA defect correction process, automatically adding defect correction tasks into our online collaboration platform.

If you’re not familiar with TestLodge, this cloud-based app helps you create test plans, define test cases, and run them to systematize and track your QA efforts. By integrating TestLodge and Redbooth, you can automatically generate tickets and bug reports when a test case fails, instantly adding it to your existing Redbooth workflows. Here’s an example of one of the tickets as it appears in Redbooth:


The Benefits of Automating Your QA workflows with Redbooth and TestLodge

“Using Redbooth with TestLodge allows you to better manage your manual testing across your various geographic locations,” says Scott Sherwood, Founder, TestLodge. “It helps your teams work together and know what each user is doing. TestLodge documents your tests, and keeps them organized. Then the results of those tests are passed through to Redbooth. Devs can get all the info they need to fix any bugs that turn up, passed through into their Redbooth ticket.”

Like Redbooth, TestLodge is an agile, cloud-based application, with a goal of providing its users with a lightweight, intuitive solution for improving their workflows. This shared purpose is one of the reasons TestLodge has committed to partnering with Redbooth.

“We wanted to integrate with a project management tool that reflected our values,” says Sherwood. “TestLodge users like things to go quickly; Redbooth enables that. It fits well into their typical workflows.”

Getting Started with TestLodge and Redbooth

To integrate your TestLodge and Redbooth accounts, log in to TestLodge and choose the settings tab, then issue tracker integration. From here, select Redbooth from the dropdown and authenticate. Now you’re ready to start managing your QA bug fix process within Redbooth.

For an overview of linking your TestLodge projects with your Redbooth issues tracking project, watch this brief video showing the integration:

Redbooth Users Get TestLodge Discount

Redbooth users can get 30% off their first year with TestLodge. To take advantage of this offer, signup to a TestLodge plan at http://www.testlodge.com/signup. Integrate your TestLodge account with Redbooth and before your trial ends, contact TestLodge support and mention this offer to have your discount applied.

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