5 Ways That Redbooth Helps You Have A Better Summer

How Redbooth Will Help You Have a Ridiculously Good Summer

Summer can be pretty great. You might take a vacation or two, maybe get some extra flexibility or a change from the usual routine.

But here’s the twist: Summer can also deliver a whole new set of problems.

You end up scrambling to get things done while your colleagues are on vacation. Or you get grumpy because you feel like you can’t take full advantage of the long, light summer days.

Fortunately, there’s good news. Turns out Redbooth is more than just project management software.

It’s also have-a-great-summer software.

Keep reading to find out how Redbooth will help you make this summer a delight. It all starts with making sure someone else’s vacation doesn’t add to your stress.

1. Don’t get stressed by other people’s time off

How Redbooth Will Help You Have a Ridiculously Good Summer

It’s kind of funny how it works sometimes. Your colleague gets to go off and relax on vacation. Meanwhile, you get to deal with the stress-inducing loose ends they left back at the office.

Hardly sounds fair, right?

Use Redbooth to cut down on the stress and confusion that a colleague’s absence can cause.

When calls or questions come in having to do with their projects, you don’t need to panic. Just go right into Redbooth and see what they’ve been working on.

Even if your colleague is completely offline, the history of their work is right there in the tasks and comments. It’s easy to retrace their steps and dig up answers.

And if something comes up that they’re best suited to handle? Capture it on the spot.

Create a task, add the details, link any relevant files, and assign it to your colleague.

It’ll be waiting for them when they get back.

2. Get to totally relax on YOUR vacation

How Redbooth Will Help You Have a Ridiculously Good Summer

Heading out on a fun vacation of your own? Before you go, take a look at the tasks on your plate.

Need to delegate anything that can’t wait until you get back? It’s as simple as clicking on your picture and choosing a colleague’s name from the drop-down menu.

For things that can safely be postponed, you can go in and update the deadline.

Head out on the open road (or fly the friendly skies) with a clear conscience.

You’ll know that even though you’re taking off for a well-deserved break, nothing’s going to fall through the cracks in your absence.

3. Come and go without holding things up

How Redbooth Will Help You Have a Ridiculously Good Summer
Schedules change when school lets out. You might need to step out to shuttle the kids home from scrapbooking camp, swimming lessons, or other summer activities.

Just guessing here, but you’re probably not going to take your laptop along for the ride.

The Redbooth iPhone, iPad, and Android apps let you connect with work from anywhere. You can make sure that you don’t hold up any important decisions back at the office.

Add comments and see the latest updates, no matter where you are. Just don’t do it while you’re driving!

4. Work from home in your backyard

How Redbooth Will Help You Have a Ridiculously Good Summer
If you work from home, you already know that it can be fantastic, especially in the summer.

Have a glorious pool in your backyard with a tempting lawn chair next to it? A charming balcony with a view of the city? Or a cool, quiet, air-conditioned living room? One that’s extra-quiet when the kids are at camp?

Redbooth makes it easy for you to work from home.

Take meetings with the built-in HD video conferencing (with your pool in the background if you’re feeling extra-summery). Respond to questions and ideas from team members in tasks — right away if you’re in the zone, a few minutes later if you’re in the pool.

With the comprehensive collaboration infrastructure you get with Redbooth, you don’t have to physically be at the office to contribute at full capacity.

5. Finish your work faster and head out early

How Redbooth Will Help You Have a Ridiculously Good Summer
There’s nothing like a lazy summer evening. The sun seems like it will never set. Local concerts, outdoor movies, and cookouts (or food trucks) beckon. And you’re…still in the office?


Work is important. But you can work ’till it’s dark the rest of the year. I interview Redbooth users for case studies, and I love hearing one tell me that Redbooth is saving him or her a solid hour a day.

It’s amazing what happens when you pull endless emails, homemade progress charts, and endless meeting follow-up out of the workday.

Don’t leave early because you’re slacking in the summer. Leave early because you worked more efficiently. And now it’s time to enjoy the rest of the day on your own terms.

Make this summer your best one yet

If you’re new to Redbooth, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get set up and bring your team on board. You can start from scratch for a fresh start, get inspired by a library of templates, or upload your current processes in a spreadsheet.

Get started for free today…and start enjoying your summer »