Recent Redbooth Updates – Making Redbooth Simple and Smart

A Regular Look at How We’re Making Redbooth Better

I’m a regular Evernote user. I love how simple it is for me to quickly capture ideas and lists. And, as I use it more and more, the experience unfolds with search, organization and visualizations. It’s something that we strive for here at Redbooth too – a simple experience that offers you powerful ways to collaborate and get things done.

Making Redbooth Simple and Smart

At Redbooth, we’re also constantly striving to make our product simple and smart – we want it to be easy to use and arm you with the power to get things done faster and better. That’s why we’re constantly challenging ourselves to improve your experience, reduce the number of clicks and make it more rewarding to collaborate with our platform.

Last month, we honed our design, making it faster and easier for you to to manage your project teams. We streamlined the experience to:

  • make the number of members of a project more visible
  • enable you to invite new users, or remove inactive users, more easily

We also took a look at how you were navigating within your projects, and worked on making it easier for you to access exactly the content you were looking for from wherever you are in Redbooth. To do this, we created a title bar across the top of all pages and reorganized the project tabs to help you easily get to what you work on most.

Also, we want to make it easier to find what you need wherever you may be in Redbooth, so we added a search box to the upper right corner of every page. We’ve been tuning search to help you get the most relevant results quickly. For example, we’ve tried to anticipate whether you’re looking for something in one specific project or all of your projects, and whether you’re looking for a task or a comment on one.

It’s our goal to ensure that our platform helps you accelerate the flow of the project you’re working on. You’ll continue to see us investing in making your experience simpler and smarter in the future.

Simple Recurring Meetings

Many of our Pro users have been using HD meetings regularly to connect with your teams and enhance real-time collaboration. We’ve working on a simple, lightweight way for you to set up regular meetings with your teams.

When you schedule an HD video meeting, you can:

  • schedule as a daily, weekly or monthly occurrence
  • change the frequency in your calendar without having to update it in Redbooth
  • update the meeting as much as you want; skip weeks or add days all within your preferred calendar

We hope that you’re as excited about the evolution of Redbooth as we are. We’re on a quest to create a simple experience that unfolds as you use it more and more. And, we’re striving to make Redbooth a more joyful place to help you get things done, with the flexibility to adapt to your unique needs. We have a lot of exciting developments over the horizon. Stay tuned!

Let Us Know How We Can Continue to Improve

We’re always interested in hearing your feedback on how we’re doing. Contact us and let us know how you’re liking these enhancements, and how else we can continue to improve your Redbooth experience.