Redbooth Launches New Partner Program

Redbooth Partner Program

I’m so excited and proud to announce our new partner program, profiled this morning in a CRN exclusive by Mark Haranas (“Redbooth Names Former Polycom Channel Exec As New Channel Chief; Launches Inaugural Partner Program”).

At Redbooth, our partner program is all about how we can bring value to our partners: empowering them to get closer to their customers and to have a deeper understanding of where the work lies for the end user.

Having spent over 10 years on the partner side, I understand the need to have multiple solutions to attract different enterprise customers, and to be able to provide the best solutions on the market.

With Redbooth, our partners can bring their customers into the future now. It’s the best feeling in the world to know that you’re providing your customers with something fresh and useful. It’s a true differentiator.

This is an especially exciting time to be launching Redbooth’s partner program, for three reasons in particular: what we’re hearing from our partners, what we’re doing with the product, and what we’re seeing in offices around the world.

1. A call for cloud-based solutions

The UC partners that are on the cutting edge of technology are the ones that are creating cloud solution divisions, and those partners are immediately seeing the value of Redbooth. Meanwhile, customers are buying cloud-based solutions: cloud-based telephony, cloud-based CRM solutions, cloud-based file-storage solutions.

Customers are also thinking about how to get more value out of their existing hardware and technology investment, which makes Redbooth’s SharePoint integration particularly exciting.

Redbooth is perfectly positioned to bring all of that all together. Our partners are saying they’re hearing the need to give customers a way to stay more focused at work instead of constantly context-switching, which carries a huge productivity cost. Every time you switch, there’s a cost. So when everything’s in one place, that’s very valuable.

2. The latest, greatest interface

We recently launched the latest version of Redbooth, with an even more streamlined design and new collaboration capabilities.

Our partners are telling me they love the interface: it’s easy. It’s intuitive. It’s clean. They love that they can create a task from an email or real-time chat.

When they compare us to other players in the market, they’re finding that Redbooth is more powerful and much easier to use.

We’ve got a new desktop client in beta that customers are really responding to, and powerful iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. Redbooth users are never left out of the loop — we keep them connected anytime, anywhere.

3. Redbooth solves today’s business problems

This couldn’t be coming at a better time. People are drowning in email — there’s just too much of it, and it’s hard to prioritize. No one can find anything. Everyone wants to increase productivity and reduce information overload.

To fix the problem, people are adding different apps and tools, trying to piece together solutions and figure out how to bring everything together. Unrelated communication and collaboration apps just create more chaos for everyone — the users and the IT departments that support them.

At the same time, companies are relying on virtual workers and remote teams. Whether they’ve got people working out of home offices or entire teams on the other side of the world, it’s more essential than ever to be able to fully engage.

From sharing quick thoughts to collaborating on big ideas, teams need to be able to communicate through files and documents, and shared tasks no matter where they are.

And when you are truly flexible with location, you can hire the best people, no matter where they are. At Redbooth, with team members in Silicon Valley, Barcelona, and other locations, we’re a living example of that.

Our goal is to reach out to all UC partners around the world and invite them on board. We want to help them empower their customers to be more connected, more efficient, and more productive.

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