Your Roadmap to Managing Projects for Clients (Infographic)

Make sure you're covering all your bases.

Your Roadmap to Managing Projects for Clients (Infographic)

You signed the client, got the handshake, and now the project is underway. Congratulations!

Now, how do you keep a good thing going? How about a roadmap that keeps everything on track?

As a professional project manager and business process consultant, I’ve found that it’s easy to forget about the basics of managing projects for clients — so we’ve mapped them out for you here.

This infographic walks you through your daily and weekly tasks, team and client meetings, and ongoing client care. Because you always need to expect the unexpected, it includes reminders for handling exceptions, too.

We hope this infographic helps you to have the happiest clients around — and to keep your team focused and happy too!

How to Keep Client Projects on Track (Infographic)


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