Leadership Tools, Lessons, and Secrets: A Redbooth Roundup

Leadership Tools

What does leadership mean to you? Chances are your answer to that question has changed with time and experience. One way to keep your saw sharp is to turn to leadership experts for tools and inspiration, and this last week has seen a number of excellent articles that highlight new lessons in leadership.

The current trends in leadership include leaving the power moves behind and replacing them with authentic new practices — and sometimes turning a long-held belief on its head.

Interested? We’ve culled some of our favorite leadership tools, articles, and resources below for this week’s article roundup.

Rocket Ships, Transformers, and More

Are you a rocket ship, a transformer, or maybe a blend of both? According to Linda Rottenberg, co-founder and CEO of Endeavor, “These days, we all need to think and act like entrepreneurs…even those of us in large, established organizations. However, we don’t all have to go about it in the same way.”

In “Identify Your Entrepreneurial Leadership Type” in Harvard Business Review, she offers a diagnostic tool helps you identify your own leadership style. Take the quiz to find out your quirks, your potential pitfalls, and even which which leaders share your style.

Do You Look Like a Leader?

When Fidji Simo, Director of Product at Facebook, first became a manager, she was determined to buck the image of a traditional leader — and she did, at first. In “What a Leader Looks Like” on Medium, she explains what happened next: life took a turn that challenged her ability to ace the style she had always relied on.

As Simo comes to realize, “Leadership is not an image, it’s a quality.” Find out what it was like for her to let her guard down…and what it taught her about her own leadership style.

Communication Secrets of Great Leaders

Great leaders are great communicators. Travis Bradberry offers specific advice for leaders looking to improve their communication with “Communication Secrets from Great Leaders” in Entrepreneur: “Great leaders connect with people on an emotional level every time they speak.”

If you need a reminder that listening ranks as high, or even higher, than speaking persuasively, don’t miss this article. Discover the secrets Bradberry has found to be most critical for great leaders to master.

Leadership and Work-Life Balance

As a leader, you can help create a better work-life balance for yourself and your team. In “14 Ways to Redesign Your Day for an Optimal Work-Life Balance” on the Zapier blog, Tim Metz offers 14 action steps for balance in the workplace and at home, and urges leaders to build “better work-life balance into the foundations of your organization.”

He devotes half of his list to tips organizations can use to improve balance. Which ones resonate with you?

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