Improve Your Commute: How to Choose the Right Travel Mug

Improve Your Commute

Your favorite morning radio show, podcast, or audiobook on the way to work is even better with a great accompaniment. Whether you’re a coffee nut, get energized by tea, or consume breakfast on-the-go with a healthy shake, there are tons of travel mugs available.

The vessel for your drink of choice can make all the difference in the world. Who likes tepid coffee…or a warm green smoothie?

With a travel mug to suit any need, the trick is to find the one that’s right for you — the one that will improve your commute substantially. Try some of these highly rated travel mugs on for size.

Keeping Hot Drinks Hot…and Cold Drinks Cold

For those who like it hot — and want their beverages to stay that way — Zojirushi’s stainless-steel mugs are an excellent option. The SM-SA48-BA model is a slim, lightweight 16-ounce mug with vacuum insulation that works overtime to keep drinks at their desired temperature.

After conducting rigorous tests, The Sweethome, Cook’s Illustrated, Tested, and Good Housekeeping all raved about the mug’s ability to hold liquids hot for more than eight hours. A wide mouth makes it easy to insert ice cubes as well, keeping drinks refreshingly cold on hot days, too.

And there’s a bonus feature, too: The Zojirushi travel mugs don’t leak, thanks to a tight-fitting lid and a locking mechanism. If your worst nightmare involves putting a travel mug in your bag and having it seep all over your laptop and smartphone, the Zojirushi will ease those fears.

When the Sippin’s Easy

You’re on the way to an important meeting, dressed to the nines. You take a drink from your travel mug — and the next thing you know, coffee sloshes out all over the place, staining your outfit. Yikes!

America’s Test Kitchen discovered an answer to this perennial problem with the Timolino Icon travel mug. It awarded the mug its only “highly recommended” rating, highlighting its leak-proof lid design and ease of handling and cleaning.

The Timolino PCT-46K mug is vacuum-insulated, retaining drinks at the proper temperature for hours in its stainless-steel interior. The lid flips open easily for one-handed maneuvers. Plus, the drinking spout’s design makes for no-spill sipping, keeping you neat and dry.

For Photography Buffs

Tired of utilitarian travel mugs? Want to make a statement or take a favorite hobby to work? Try this photography-themed travel mug. The iCooker camera lens travel mug is designed to look just like a professional 24-105–millimeter camera lens, complete with all the dials, buttons, and switches.

Underneath all that coolness is a highly functional 12-ounce travel mug. It’s insulated with stainless steel and features a vacuum-insulated tumbler to keep drinks piping hot or chilled, with the added benefit of being dishwasher safe (unlike your actual camera lens!).

While the design is certainly fun and different, it also provides another useful feature. The rings and grips that evoke a camera lens give the travel mug a texture that lets you grasp it easily while drinking and traveling.

Healthy Meals on the Go

Start the morning off right with fresh fruit and even vegetables, all packaged in a handy homemade shake! Smoothies and protein shakes are a favorite for those on the move or trying to eat better, and the BlenderBottle SportMixer can help you make that happen.

BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and sturdy, the travel mug features a stainless steel BlenderBall that helps you re-combine your shake’s ingredients. Made of plastic that does not hang onto odors, it’s well-suited for everyday use.

BlenderBottle’s innovative design keeps your smoothie tasting fresh…and makes it even easier to get a healthy head start on your day!

When you want to take your favorite beverage along on your next commute, try one of these proven travel mugs. Investing in a well-made vessel will help ensure that you arrive at work feeling great and ready to focus.