Do You Have the Redbooth Chrome Extension Yet?

Do You Have the Redbooth Chrome Extension Yet?

If you spend a lot of your day in GitHub, Google Docs, Salesforce, Canva, or social media channels, two things are probably true:

First, you’re basically living in your browser.

And second, your work requires focus.

Tempting as it would be to retreat all day into your work (fellow introverts, you know what I’m talking about), you need to be a team player, too.

The other projects you’re involved in can’t just grind to a halt.

With Redbooth for Chrome, you can stay in your favorite online app while you work through your list of notifications and updates from your team.

Keep reading to find out how it works — and to see how fast and easy it is to install.

Do You Have the Redbooth Chrome Extension Yet?

Experience the Satisfaction of Working Through Your List

There’s something so gratifying about driving a count down to zero.

Redbooth’s Platform Engineer, Alexandr Subbotin, spearheaded the development of the Chrome extension.

Do You Have the Redbooth Chrome Extension Yet?

“Working through my Redbooth notifications in the extension is very satisfying,” he says. “I like seeing the number go down as I knock out notifications — and how fast I can react and check new notifications.”

After you add the Redbooth Chrome extension, your Redbooth notifications show up in the little red-and-white counter in your browser toolbar.

These notifications could include:

  • New tasks that have been assigned to you
  • Updates or questions on tasks from your colleagues
  • Conversations that you’re a part of

Some are mission-critical, while others are in the nice-to-know category.

Here’s what they all have in common: you can deal with them without opening a new browser tab.

Anatomy of the Redbooth Chrome Extension

The extension is made up of two main elements: your dashboard and your workspaces.

In your dashboard view, you can see all of your updates. For any task, you can view the details, read past comments, and add a new comment.

And what about tasks and conversations that are nice, but don’t require any action or response on your part?

It’s simple: dismiss them from your notifications list with a clear conscience.

In your workspaces view, you can view all of your workspaces. (New to Redbooth? Each workspace can be a home for a specific project, team, client, or theme.)

And you can always use the red button in the corner to create a new task.

This is especially useful when you’re working on something and think of a to-do that you want to capture. Stay right where you are — and where you can see any key information or inspiration.

Just hit the red button and capture the relevant details.

Have It Up and Running a Minute From Now

Getting the extension is incredibly easy. It’s free to all Redbooth users. If you’re not a Redbooth user yet, you can get started for free and try it out.

Just make sure you’re in Chrome, and then install the extension from the Chrome web store.

(You can check out a few of our other favorite extensions while you’re there!)

And of course, the decisions you make when you’re using the extension get synchronized across the board.

So whether you’re also using the iOS, Android, web, or desktop Redbooth apps, your changes update automatically.

“With Redbooth for Chrome, we’re making sure that our users can access Redbooth anytime, anywhere,” says Alexandr. “It’s all about having options that fit how you prefer to work.”