Breaking Up With Slack? Your Soulmate Is Still Out There

It’s hard to part ways with software that once meant so much to you. But sometimes a breakup frees you up — to find the real thing.

Breaking Up With Slack? Your Soulmate Is Still Out There

Recently I read Samuel Hulick’s excellent article, “Slack, I’m Breaking Up with You.” It’s sad to say goodbye to a relationship that started with so much promise. And Samuel, you’re not the only person who started off excited about Slack. You’re in good company — there are 2.3 million daily active Slack users.

But here’s the thing. When you’re looking for a real relationship, you need to start looking for “The One.” You need a dedicated, grown-up partner.

A life partner doesn’t try to distract you when you’re trying to get important work done.

That partner doesn’t demand all of your attention, 24–7. Nope. That partner wants you to be successful at work and to accomplish great things.

Dating is fun. But if you’re looking for “The One,” remind yourself of this: the right partner makes you a better person. You’re better because of them.

Slack is a lot of fun at first. At Redbooth, where I’m the CEO, we agree. Our platform integrates with Slack, and we’re happy to do that. But on its own, Slack doesn’t help you to be more productive. It doesn’t help you build your business or be better at your job.

You might have heard that good relationships take work. That’s true. But when you have to pile on integration after integration just to keep the spark alive, maybe it’s not meant to be.

You deserve to have all your work in one place. All of your files, all of your projects, all of the conversation around who’s doing what.

And you deserve to be able to focus.

So your cat GIFs should be kept separate from your high-priority client project. You shouldn’t have to wade through endless conversations to see if something work-related is in there.

What if you could have a future together full of conversations with your colleagues — and productive, task-focused work? What if spending time searching for files and feedback became a distant memory? And what if you could see an entire project laid out visually over time with a gantt chart with a single click?

Hey, you and Slack had a beautiful thing there for a while. Because of Slack, you realized that email wasn’t your only option. That’s a special thing, and no one can take that away from you.

But it sounds like you’re ready for a real relationship. At Redbooth, we’re ready too.
This article originally appeared on Medium.