This webinar has passed, and you can find the materials here.

Webinar: Maximizing your Workspace: Managing Your Business with our Redbooth Integration

Because the content that teams collaborate on is often located in multiple places, it’s important to Redbooth to partner with companies like Evernote. That way, teams can use the note-taking and file-sharing sources they already love and trust — and leverage them to work together more effectively.

What you’ll learn by watching the video

In this lively 30-minute webinar, you’ll discover how to:
  • Increase accountability: Find out how the Redbooth-Evernote integration works for all different kinds of teams and workspaces, including teams that expand beyond departmental boundaries
  • Embed Evernote notes: See how to access your Evernote notebooks and find your notes so you can embed them inside relevant workspaces
  • Make work actionable: Watch how the process progresses in real time a chat or note — all the way through developing a creative concept and moving an initiative forward

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