Our New Year’s Resolution: To Make 2014 Our Biggest Year Yet for Redefining Business Collaboration and Communications

At Teambox, we’re focused on helping businesses redefine collaboration and communication, and ultimately, helping redefine the future of work, through our one-stop collaboration platform. In 2013, we reinforced our relentless pursuit of this goal through significant growth and evolution in our product offering, including:

HD video conferencing for desktops, mobile devices and tablets within the Teambox platform
The industry’s first secure, on-premise collaboration solution that organizations within highly regulated industries and others seeking a high standard of control over their data and technology infrastructure can host from behind their own firewall
Gmail and Outlook plugins, to make it easy to convert emails into tasks and access Teambox without leaving the email inbox

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Expert Advice on Creating Creative Collaboration

Recently, we reached out to the author of an insightful new collaboration book – Creative Conspiracy: The Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration. The author, Professor Leigh Thompson, is the the J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations in the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Her work has been referenced by NBC News, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and many others.

Creative Conspiracy provides groundbreaking insight into the world of creative collaboration. In her book, she dispels many commonly held beliefs about creative teams. According to Dr. Thompson, collaboration that is planned and focused on creating new ideas produces excitement and builds a “creative conspiracy” within your team.

Professor Thompson was kind enough to share a few excerpts from her book. Check out this sneak peek into breakthrough collaboration.

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