Teambox Introduces Gmail and Outlook Plugins

Redwood City, California — November 05, 2013
‘Inbox Zero’ Moves from Mythical Status to Reality

Teambox, the cloud-based company redefining collaboration and business communications, today announced the availability of Teambox plugins for Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

Teambox for Outlook and Gmail adds task collaboration features to allow users to convert emails to tasks, access and create tasks from Outlook and Gmail, and access Teambox apps from within email.

“Email wasn’t designed as a task management system and has proven to be a less than ideal collaboration tool,” said Teambox CEO Dan Schoenbaum. “People spend countless hours reading, filing and searching within their email. With Teambox fully integrated with email, businesses and users can move to a better system that creates a more productive, collaborative environment.”

According to the Radicati Group research firm, more than 154.6 billion emails are expected to be sent daily by 2.31 billion email users in 2013. Schoenbaum added that the dream of productivity, combined with an empty email inbox is now a reality, “When was the last time your email inbox was empty? There’s now a way to reduce inbox hell while still having access to the important content needed to do your job.”

Whether it’s the new team member or employee, someone has received a long confusing forwarded message intended to provide history and background on a project. This method is ineffective and time consuming. By collaborating in Teambox,
anyone can be added to a group and quickly see all the group’s activity in one streamlined location.

With more than 600,000 users and 3,500 companies already using Teambox for file sharing, task management and collaboration, the company has clearly played an active role in delivering on the promise of collaboration in the cloud and on premise.

Teambox for Outlook can be downloaded from the Teambox website; Teambox for Gmail is available in the Chrome store.

About Teambox

Teambox is a collaboration and communication platform that provides a single place for shared tasks, discussions, files, and HD Videoconferencing. Teambox is simple to use and flexible, enabling project teams and departments at thousands of companies to get work done. For more information about Teambox and a free download, visit Founded in Barcelona in 2008, the company is privately held and headquartered in Redwood City, California.