How to Combine Social Media and Email Marketing

What’s a great way to maximize your reach and spread the word about a product, service, or event?

By combining social media and email marketing, of course! Combining the two tactics is almost like the saying, “two heads are better than one.”

To keep your own head from spinning from additional work, instead save time and gain a competitive edge by adding a bit of integration to your marketing with these six creative tips.

Add social media icons with embedded links to emails

Attaching social media icons to emails is probably one of the simplest ways to integrate. Since just about every email service has the option of setting up a personalized auto signature, add in your icons and watch the clicks begin!

If you’d really like to make a statement, be bold and add larger icons at the beginning or somewhere within the content of your email that attracts the eye. Don’t forget to ask your audience to follow and add the social icons to blogs too!

Upload subscriber lists to enhance social media ROI

This data can be your golden ticket to master a social media campaign or simply gain subscribers. The contacts you have are already interested in your company, product or service, so using their information for a possible targeted social media blast is a no-brainer.

Each social media platform will have different methods for uploading lists and some will take more steps than others, but the outcome can be worth it. There are also services such as Zapier that can help incorporate email and apps.

Employ the opposite strategy — obtain email addresses from social media sites

This method is as easily said as done, when a call-to-action button or popup is visible to consumers. Collect consumer information from sites such as Twitter and Facebook by offering a newsletter, coupon, freebie, etc. by incorporating a mandatory email collection in return as a part of the deal.

Keep the subject mentally fresh; retarget and remind

Have you ever clicked on an email or ad and found that some of its content in keeps popping up on numerous sites you’ve been visiting throughout the day? Say hello to ninja of all marketing tactics, remarketing.

Besides having an ad follow an audience on random sites throughout the world wide web, this slick method can be embedded into social media as well. Not sure how to start off? Sites like Wordstream and Perfect Audience can help send your consumers in the right direction.

Build a private social group, forum, webinar or event

Exclusivity can be attractive.

Select an exciting or trending topic that pertains to your business, advertise the event on social media with an email request embedded within a call-to-action and see how many join. For an added head count, give an additional incentive to those who refer a friend.

Texting on a grander scale

What’s one of the main socially-connected gadgets consumers use to check emails, social media and numerous other apps? If you guessed a smartphone, you are absolutely correct! Mass marketing texts messages can be set up to collect data when a response is requested.

The best way to implement this method is to advertise the call-to-action via print or another mean to where a consumer will want to submit their email. A good example is displaying a sign at the register where a customer can text their info to #6725 and receive an instant discount code for their purchase.

Now that you have some more ideas on integrating your email and social media marketing, be fierce and use the knowledge to go even further with your ventures. After all, the more that is shared with a properly targeted audience, the better the results.

Have any more good tips worth sharing? Let us know below!

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