Do find yourself wondering how to improve your content marketing?

Well, look no further! We’ve found the latest and greatest resources to give your content marketing a boost. Here are sixteen of our top finds.


Simplify your life and save time with integrated content marketing solutions like Hubspot.
Hubspot —They offer insightful blogs, a partners program, marketing software, an online learning and certification center, one-on-one support and so much more!


Sometimes it’s helpful to have a guide to help get you on the right track. And, these trusted resources will do just that.

2. Social Media Examiner – Give your social media content some love. With blogs, podcasts, reports and related events this site is bound to turn almost anyone into a social media guru.

3. Copyblogger – With its primary focus on copy, Copyblogger is a phenomenal resource for “content marketing mastery”. Download a lesson, listen to a podcast or even hire a writer directly from the site.


Take a break from a stressful day at the office and up your content marketing game by spending time on these content marketing blogs.

4. Marketing Land – Sign up for their content marketing email delivered on Tuesdays to learn about SEM, SEO, Martech, and other technical topics that will give your content an extra “oomph” once it’s out in the world.

5. QuickSprout – Discover tactics to improve your content, and build and measure your strategy with cutting-edge marketing practices.


Want to brush up on your skills and or possibly line yourself up for that potential new role. Try these training links for size.

6. MarketMotive – Discover how content, social media, and SEO impact your overall content marketing strategy.

7. OMI (Online Marketing Institute) — Want to become a certified pioneer in the content marketing realm? Give OMI a try and gain valuable knowledge along with a shiny new certificate you can display.

8. MarketingProfs University —  When time is of the essence, in as little as six hours you can get a crash course in content marketing and finish feeling like an expert.  Need it now? The course is offered on-demand, so it is ready when you are.

Marketing-Based Infographics

Fast facts are always a plus and when they’re pleasing to the eye, the more interesting they appear. Get insightful content marketing info via infographic links here:

9. Smart Insights — This graphic simply explains the relationship between inbound and content marketing.

10. Content Marketing Institute — Dating back to 4200 B.C., this infographic puts pizazz back into the past with, “A Brief History of Content Marketing.”

11. — Keep scrolling down this informative list and discover, “ The Do’s and Don’ts of Content Marketing.”


When you can’t read anymore…kick back and watch a video! Your content marketing skills will still increase.

12. What is Content Marketing? – Simply stated, this video breaks down content marketing into the utmost basic form.

13. The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing – Have about 45 minutes to spare? Check out this captivating documentary.

14. How Long Does It Take For Content Marketing To Work? – So just how long does it take to obtain a ROI with content marketing? This video will certainly give you a timeline.


Pass commuting time with information-rich content marketing podcasts.

15. Content Marketing Podcast – Expert, Rachel Parker shares her intellect within these numerous, six-star rated podcasts.

16. Content Warfare Podcast – Host, Ryan Hanley offers a boatload of marketing content podcasts, ranging from audio to creating your own content machine on his own site.

Now that you have some of the top-notch marketing links, follow the 3 AAA’s: Absorb, Apply and Advance your marketing to the next level of excellence.

Do you have any content marketing resources that weren’t shared in this post? Link to them in the comments below!

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