Break Up With Gantt Chart Spreadsheets

Introducing the #1 alternative to manual Gantt chart spreadsheets: Redbooth’s Timeline view

Visualize your projects with easy-to-use Gantt charts

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 -  » Break Up With Gantt Chart Spreadsheets  -  » Break Up With Gantt Chart Spreadsheets

Make a Gantt chart appear with the click of a button

Timeline view is Redbooth’s native, completely automated Gantt chart creator. If you’re still building Gantt charts by hand in Excel or Google Sheets, you’ll love Redbooth's single-click Gantt charts.

Say goodbye to Gantt chart spreadsheets and hello to Redbooth’s Timeline view

Tasks are easier to track in shared virtual workspaces

Creating your Gantt chart is a breeze in Redbooth

Just add your tasks, along with start and end dates — then click a single button! It's a simple process that everyone on your team can pick up right away.

See changes reflected automatically

Forget about updating multicolored boxes in your spreadsheet! Changes you make to your tasks in Redbooth are automatically applied to your Gantt chart.

Discover the power of Redbooth’s Timeline view. Leave spreadsheets behind and see why thousands of companies are using Redbooth for Gantt chart project management.