Tech marketing team stays organized and on track with Redbooth

Please describe the problem or business challenge your company was trying to solve with Redbooth.
We have a small marketing team that does very big things. We constantly have so many (very important) projects going on at the same time that we needed to find a way to stay organized — and keep everyone on the team on the same page.
Tell us about your search for a solution.
We had Redbooth when I joined Updater.
What specific results and benefits were you able to achieve with Redbooth?
Redbooth keeps our extremely busy team on task and able to meet all of our deadlines. When juggling so many different projects at once, Redbooth supports us by keeping our team completely organized and allowing us to check in on the status of any project at any point in time. I constantly tell people that my head would spin off without Redbooth. 🙂
Do you have anything else to add?
We love you guys!