Marketing Agency uses Redbooth to stay organized and uplift their clients during rapid growth

Please describe the problem or business challenge your company was trying to solve with Redbooth. Our company has grown at a tremendous rate, reaching a point where the growth in our team parallels the number of new projects we need to manage. In that respect, we felt the need for a tool that could help us on a day to day basis, with organizing and planning tasks and assigning them to each team member.
Tell us about your search for a solution. We defined out current and future needs and then we started with an intensive Internet search and looked into some tools that were recommended. We ran some initial tests on all of them to see which one best suited our team dynamic. We began with two beta testers, and then included more people from different teams to assess the options with all the nuances and uses.
How did you make the decision to choose Redbooth? We were looking for a tool that would give us a complete solution to all our needs, or at least most of them. We also evaluated the ease with which you can learn to use Redbooth, and its many applications thanks to its intuitive interface.
What specific results and benefits were you able to achieve with Redbooth? Redbooth solved the need that any company has — to organize projects and divide them into tasks that can be assigned to each member with due dates and reminders which can be integrated with Google tools. Which makes you feel confident that your tasks are controlled and organized. It's a key tool in our working methodology. At Lifting Group we work with different organizations, projects and team profiles, and with our partners. We all use Redbooth every day as our core tool.
Do you have anything else to add? It helps that it's an evolving tool, that it has constant updates and improvements because also our needs carry on growing and we really appreciate a tool that evolves with us.
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