This webinar has passed, and you can find the materials here.

Webinar: Creating a Smart, Scalable Client Intake Process

Do you delight your clients? Agencies, consulting firms, and anyone else who works with clients: This webinar is for you! Make every client feel like a VIP...without having to micromanage the process yourself.

No more fire drills! In this webinar, you’ll find out what to do once you’ve landed an important client — and how to hand them off to your team with confidence. See how to ensure your client intake process is a well-oiled machine. No more fire drills, no dropped balls, no wondering if things got done. Just streamlined processes — and happy clients.

With the systems you’ll see demonstrated in Redbooth — including a ready-made client intake workflow template — you’ll be able to set up your own client intake process in just minutes. Bonus: Get access to client management and client end-of-project workspaces, making it easy to keep your internal systems tidy, ensure client satisfaction right up to the end, and drive continual process improvement.With a scalable system, you’ll be able to go out and bring in more new business, knowing your clients will be in good hands thanks to your client intake process. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Delight each client and set a great foundation for your work together
  • Go out and bring in more new business with a scalable system
  • Set up your own client intake process in just minutes

Ready to see how Redbooth can help your team?