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Business Collaboration: Leveraging Your Digital Infrastructure to Drive Alignment and Growth

How do different users with different business roles effectively collaborate with common content? How can this content be kept up-to-date and accessible? How can projects and tasks be shared inside and outside the organization?

Organizations need to meet customer, partner and supplier needs across multiple communication and marketing channels – this is far from easy. Many corners of the organization understand and believe in a customer imperative; however, these departments often do not come together to collaborate on customer experience initiatives. In order to facilitate a more collaborative environment, solutions need to have cloud delivery at their core and offer anyplace, anytime access, alongside seamless real-time communication, in-context exchanges of information, and integrated social workflow.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Streamline programs that result in a quantifiable bottom-line improvement
  • Shorten the time to qualified leads though collaboration
  • Transform marketing from a reactive service to a proactive partner to the business

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