Work Productivity Tips for a Guilt-Free Holiday

Thanksgiving can be stressful. Relieve some of that pressure with these tips to keep the workflow going, even when you’re not there.

productivity tips for the holidays

Let’s face it. Holidays can be downright stressful. But from our perspective, probably not for the reasons you’re thinking.

Take Thanksgiving, for example. Preparing a turkey with all the fixings, transforming a dining room table into a colorful, mouth-watering feast all while entertaining guests is more than a challenge for anyone. And that doesn’t even count the hassle experienced by those who pack up and travel in order to visit family or friends … enduring flight delays, crowded highways and unpredictable weather.

But what can be even more overwhelming is knowing how much work will be waiting for you when it’s all over. Thanksgiving, after all, is an American holiday, and the world doesn’t stop to celebrate it with you. Which means if your company is global (and these days, is there any other kind?), you probably sneak in emails or quick phone calls when your family isn’t looking in order to keep things running smoothly. What’s a team manager to do?

With a little bit of preparation and forethought (and the right collaboration software), you can eat that pumpkin pie worry-free while your team is productive without you. Here are our top work productivity tips for a guilt-free holiday:


7 Productivity Tips for the Holiday


#1 Delegate Strategically

Because Thanksgiving is a U.S. holiday, your international partners won’t skip a beat while you are out of the office. Plan accordingly by delegating projects ahead of time to those that are available and who can provide valuable input and progress.


#2 Review Tasks

Take a good luck at all active tasks and see if there are any updates needed. Provide any additional information that will help the team with their projects. Also, double check to see if any necessary files or documents have been attached and shared with the appropriate parties.


#3 Assign Specific Tasks

Don’t assume that your team members will know exactly what they are responsible for – make sure task assignments are very clear and straightforward. Alert those involved and think through project steps from beginning to end, ensuring that all vital steps have been clarified and assigned to groups or individuals.


#4 Prioritize and Tag

By prioritizing key items and tagging appropriate workers, you team will know where to start and what projects to focus on in your absence. This helps the workflow run smoothly and without interruption.


#5 Communicate Personally

Touch base with your team via chat or a quick video conference before the holiday to make sure everyone understands project goals and tasks. Express your appreciation for their efforts, and enjoy some personal interaction prior to your departure.


#6 Share Holiday Schedules

If multiple workers or groups will be gone for the holiday, make sure other team members know ahead of time. Communicate detailed vacation schedules, including the days each person will leave and return. And specify your availability beforehand – will you take emergency calls, and who should colleagues contact for standard questions or inquiries? Is someone on call? Be clear with expectations and specific contact information.


#7 Get Yourself Organized.

There’s nothing worse than coming back to work only to find chaos and unclear to-do lists. By organizing your own tasks and assignments before the holiday, you’ll know exactly what to work on when you get back.


Wishing You A Stress-Free Holiday

We hope your Thanksgiving will be enjoyable and stress-free this season. What do you do to make sure your team is productive while you’re away? Do you have any additional tips that help manage projects during holidays? We’d enjoy hearing about them, along with any stories you might have of what not to do. Leave your comments below.