Timeneye Brings User-centric Time Tracking and Reporting to Redbooth

Get started with a time tracking tool that isn’t a time suck

All too often, implementing a time tracking tool is met with significant employee resistance. In the worst case scenarios, time tracking tacks on up to another hour each day in busy-work. And that just doesn’t work itself into an employee’s already busy day. As a company, to engage your employees on the importance of time tracking to your business, you need a lightweight, user-friendly tool to make it happen. That’s why we’ve partnered with Timeneye to use our native time tracking functionality within Redbooth to be taken up a notch through their in-depth reporting capabilities.

“We wanted to create an alternative to the other time tracking solutions available that are all too often a waste of time,” says Daniele Grassi, founder, Timeneye. “To be cost-effective, your employees shouldn’t spend too much time tracking their billable hours.”

While larger firms often built custom time-tracking tools in-house, Grassi saw that small to medium size professional services firms weren’t able to find a tool that allowed them to cost-effectively time track. Timeneye set out to fill this gap, and to keep a narrow focus on enabling better time tracking within the productivity tools professional services firms and consultants were already using.

“Redbooth is a great project management system,” says Grassi, who also notes several of his developers were using Redbooth prior to the integration. “We like how Redbooth shares with us the point of view that apps should be very simple, and not put obstacles between users and ability to easily get their job done. We don’t want to become a project management system; integrating Timeneye with Redbooth gives our clients a solid project management system as a companion to their time tracking.”

Getting Started with Timeneye and Redbooth

From Redbooth, just open the task you want to register time for and track it, using Redbooth’s native time tracking functionality. In a few short minutes, Timeneye will sync the data between the platforms. Then, from Timeneye, you can extract detailed reporting, based upon whatever parameters you need. No onerous process or extra steps, by design.


You can access Timeneye on the go through mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows phone. And data can be easily exported to Excel.

Time Tracking Offer for Redbooth Customers

As an introductory offer, Timeneye is offering all Redbooth customers 30% off for a full year on any Timeneye plan. To take advantage of this offer, signup for Timeneye at http://www.timeneye.com/redbooth-time-tracking.

Integrate your Timeneye account with Redbooth and before your trial ends, then contact Timeneye support and mention this offer to have your discount applied.

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