Teambox Tips: Utilizing Google Drive for Teams


Our Google Integration allows you to do a few important things:

  • First you can attach Google Docs to tasks, notes and conversations within Teambox. This allows your team to easily collaborate on documents.
  • Secondly, you can view all of your tasks in Google Calendar.
  • Finally, we have set up single sign-on so you can login to Teambox with your Google Account.

If you are a Teambox user, don’t forget to go into Google Integration Settings to allow Teambox to connect your accounts.


How many times have you lost your final edit of a document after saving multiple versions? (i.e. Filename: ClientReport_Revised_FinalRevision_MasterCopy_Final.docx) Or accidentally worked on an out-of-date client report for an hour? Don’t you love when that happens? Oh, you don’t? Didn’t think so.

Google Drive allows you to update the same version of a document in the cloud. Bonus: In Teambox, you can now integrate the latest draft of that client report into your projects. These docs can be attached to conversations, tasks, and notes.


Isn’t it great when a plan comes together? It is a platform that consolidates all of your documents, projects, task, notes and everything into one place.


There are several reasons why I love to utilize Teambox’s Google integration. Here are my top five:

  1. All my files are stored in the cloud. I still have nightmares about losing my college paper when my computer crashed. No more nightmares.
  2. My thumb drive really is obsolete. Have you checked out our Mobile App? You can access all these documents from your phone via the Teambox app. Every file I might need is always right under my client’s project on my phone. It’s beautiful!
  3. I know what I’m supposed to do today. Google Drive, Teambox and your calendar are totally integrated into your Teambox account. You should know the game plan for the day (task and all) right from your calendar.
  4. If someone goes into my Google Drive document and totally messes up the latest version of my strategy document, you can go back to previous versions of your document. Check out Google’s revision history tool.
  5. It’s so easy to add documents to my projects. Two clicks and everything is at my fingertips.


To ease the process of sharing your documents on Teambox, make sure you adjust your share settings so your team can edit and/or comment if you are collaborating on the document, spreadsheet or presentation. Collaboration is powerful and easy with Google Integration on Teambox. You can learn all about Google’s sharing options on their help page.



Need more detail? Check out our step-by-step guide on how you can set-up and utilize Google Drive for your teams with Teambox.