Redbooth 101: Notifications

Four simple ways to control all your Redbooth notifications

Managing Notifications with Redbooth

It feels good to be on top of things. In fact, we’re pretty sure it’s a universal truth. You know what we’re talking about … like staying on top of your work load, the dirty laundry, or those pesky weeds in the garden. When you can say, “I’m on top of it,” no matter what the topic is, you can at least feel in control of something (if only for a moment). That’s why we’re happy to give you four awesome ways to control all your Redbooth notifications. Whether you’re an email die-hard, or you prefer a more centralized workspace, you’ll always be on top of what’s happening across your projects by following these simple steps:

#1: Turn email notifications on or off

Most users have their own workflow style, which is why we make it easy to customize Redbooth to your personal or team’s specific needs. You can choose to receive notifications through email, if that’s what you like. Or, if you’re a one-stop shop sort of person, you can receive notifications through a centralized location in Redbooth. Ready to get started? Just go to your Settings in Redbooth, and you’ll be able to define your notifications preferences. Curious about what else you can do from Settings? Check out Your Personal Settings right here.


#2: Check your dashboard and forget about email

You can see what’s going on with all your projects with a quick visit to the Dashboard. It’s your go-to place to see your team activity, even if you choose to turn off all email notifications. That’s because you’ll always get a dashboard notification every time there is an update in an activity you are following. Curious to know more? Check our Dashboard Notifications right here.


#3: Mobile Notifications

If you’re constantly on the go, then your cell phone or tablet is probably your best friend. The good news is that you can use Redbooth on your mobile device and receive notifications from anywhere, every time a task gets updated. Just think of it as project management at your fingertips. Want to find out more about notifications on your mobile device? Take a look at Push Notifications right here.


#4: Use desktop notifications

With Redbooth, you can receive desktop notifications every time you are mentioned in Group Chat. We even have some ideas for how real time Chat and HD Meetings can boost your productivity. Interested? Read the Team Collaboration and Communication section here.


More about notifications

So you might be asking yourself, “When exactly will I be receiving notifications from Redbooth?” We have the answers! Whenever you are connected to a task or conversation and another user interacts with it, then you will receive a notification. In other words, Redbooth will send you a notification in these cases:

  • When a task has been assigned to you.
  • For new comments in a task or conversation you commented on before.
  • For tasks and conversations where other users mention your @username.
  • For tasks you start “following” explicitly (with the followers dialog).
  • If you’re the assignee, you’ll also get notifications for any due date changes.

You will never receive notifications for your own comment or actions. You can read more about adding followers to tasks and conversations right here.

Utilizing Notifications to Improve Your Workflow

Now that you’ve read more about Redbooth notifications, we’re curious: are you an email notification kind of person, or would you rather utilize the dashboard to catch up on what’s going on with your projects? We’d love to hear how your own notifications preferences help compliment your personal workflow style. Let us know, by leaving your comments below: