Redbooth Is #89 on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

Redbooth Is #89 on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

Today, Inc. announced the lineup for their annual Inc. 5000 rankings of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America. At Redbooth, we’re proud to be #89 on that list of 5000.

Being part of the Inc 5000 is really exciting. I think it recognizes the tremendous work that the entire Redbooth team has been doing to create a truly revolutionary product — and a great experience for our customers. And that’s reflected in the growth of our revenue, which is what Inc. is recognizing us for in this ranking.

There are a lot of well known public companies today that earlier in their growth cycle were on the Inc. 5000 list. We’re delighted to join our California neighbors, including FitBit, Gainsight, and Prosper, on this year’s list.

The reasons behind the rapid growth

The benefits that we bring to companies — increasing team productivity, giving them a platform where they can centralize their work, and bring their entire organization together — lead to dramatic business results. That’s something very powerful, and organizations are deciding to run their businesses on Redbooth because of it. That, in turn, is driving our own growth.

We have a highly differentiated product in a category of solutions that many companies are looking at. That’s why we’re on this list, and that’s ultimately why we’re growing so quickly. We’re doing something that’s innovative and different, while also broadly applicable to any business that has workers who need to collaborate and be more productive.

The right solution at the right time

We’re growing because we have a unique, market-leading enterprise messaging and collaboration solution. We’re disrupting a $30B market, and at the right time, too.

The millennial generation is used to shorter forms of communication and messaging, more so than traditional email and telephony solutions. So as they continue to join the workforce, there’s a cultural shift underway in terms of how teams and employees expect to communicate.

Knowledge workers of all ages are also expecting the ability to be able to work on mobile and have connectivity anywhere, anytime. So we’re responding to that trend as well with shared virtual workspaces and integrated team messaging and communications accessible through Apple and Android mobile devices.

Meanwhile, many organizations’ communications infrastructure is approaching end-of-life. A lot of it was installed for Y2K, and some of the vendors that they used back then don’t even exist anymore. So it’s natural to be looking for a new, more agile solution now.

Business leaders recognize the need to make communication and collaboration actionable. So having a solution for their organization where the collaboration experience is deeply integrated into how they track, manage, and do work is really important for generating results and improving productivity. As the only completely integrated solution that delivers that in the market, we’re continuing to grow rapidly.

An exciting culture to be a part of

We’re at the epicenter of rapidly growing technology companies, so to be recognized in our region and our sector is exciting as well. Redbooth is #10 on the software industry list, and #12 on the San Francisco metro area list. In some ways, that’s just as exciting as the overall list!

We’re in an area of software and cloud services that is expanding very quickly. What we do is unique and differentiated. Every business is looking at how their infrastructure can empower their employees to communicate and collaborate. Because of that, the solution that we deliver serves a real need.

For folks who are interested in being part of a rapidly growing Bay Area company, and revolutionizing a market — this is an exciting place to be and a really great time to be a part of it.